Such drivel

I can’t comment authoritatively on everything this guy says but I do know at least some of it is without basis in fact. And yet he claims to be a professor. Well, I suppose really it all makes sense then:

The National Rifle Association (NRA), which makes millions of dollars through the manufacture and sales of weapons, has always opposed vigorously any law that would restrict citizens from easy access to the purchase of weapons. As a result, the United Sates has turned into a very violent society. Statistics show us that more people are killed by the gun in the United States every year than in all of the countries combined!

The United States is the only nation on earth that views the constitutional “right” for every citizen to bear weapons on a 24 hour basis.

News flash: The NRA doesn’t manufacture weapons, doesn’t sell weapons, and doesn’t get membership dues from firearms manufactures. They do sell advertising space to the manufactures.

News flash: England has a higher violent crime rate than the U.S. As I have said many times before here measuring violence only in terms of crimes committed with firearms is irrelevant. There is Just One Question.

News flash: He should check out the gun laws in some other countries such as Switzerland and Bolivia. They may not a have constitutionally guaranteed right to firearms but they don’t have many restrictions either. Perhaps he has and that is why he worded the statement so narrowly.

However, many people in the United States and the world at large have witnessed other types of Americans whose ultimate goal was to exploit them and to inflict in them endless pain and suffering. These are the capitalistic American industrialists who want to control the economy of every single nation on earth. Anyone that resists their domination is viewed as the enemy and they will soon ask the US government officials, whose campaign for election they financed, to punish such heads of states through boycotts and sanctions. This has been the case of Fidel Castro of Cuba who said from the very beginning, “the economy of Cuba belongs to the Cubans and not to American industrialists.”

Okay. We are done. No need to read any further. Castro’s Cuba is a workers paradise which is why so many of them risk death to flee to the U.S. The guy is clueless.