Toy guns called automatic weapons by media

Occasionaly I have some sympathy for the media. They can’t be experts on everything they write about. But this instance is just too rich. And Alan Korwin does such a good job of skewering them:

The lamestream media told you:
An armored car heist in Phoenix was committed using automatic weapons. An unknown amount of cash was stolen, and police are looking for the suspects. No shots were fired during the robbery.

Several days later, the followup story claimed that automatic OR semiautomatic weapons MAY have been used, and suspects were in custody, increasing skepticism in those parts of the community that are awake.

Today (July 28), the headline says “Toy rifles aided three in heist,” and Bosnia-Herzegovina natives were the apparent culprits. “Fake AK-47 assault rifles” were used in combination with pepper spray. I am not making this up.

According to the report, toy fakes can be scary sounding “assault rifles.” The money has been recovered. No correction has been issued. The reporter is still at large.


One thought on “Toy guns called automatic weapons by media

  1. You may have been justified in forgiving them 15 years ago or so, but now with Google, et al, they have zero excuses. A customer can call me on the phone about a rifle model I’ve not heard of, and I can get a photo and description of it on the spot, right during the conversation.

    With their access to the world of knowledge throught the internet, they can know what they need know the minute they give a crap.

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