Quote of the day–Ehod Danoch

We will win because we are good and they are evil. We will win because we always came in peace and they came with a call for the destruction of the state of Israel.

If the international community will not make an end to the Hezbollah, we will make an end to the Hezbollah. We are after the terrorists and we will be after them until Israel will be 100 percent, from all the world, secure.


Ehod Danoch
Israel’s general consul to the Southwest United States
July 19, 2006
Las Vegas Jewish community told Israel to prevail in current war
[Like no other country on this planet, Israel knows what we are dealing with in this world war. Just as Hitler wanted to kill all the Jews so do the Islamic extremists. Israel, you’ve got the ball, now run with it and don’t stop until you’ve won.–Joe]


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  1. Can you imagine where we would be if the U.S. and her allies had engaged Hitler and Hito in endless “peace talks” and “cease-fire agreements” over the last 60 years instead of winning the war? I can. It would look a lot like the Middle East looks right now. We’d still be fighting the damned Nazis and the sick bastard Imperialists in Japan. Instead, they were defeated soundly, and they have enjoyed many decades of spectacular prosperity since.

    Peace through total victory would be the suggested motto.

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