Quote of the day–Haim Ramon

He is not immune, no matter where he is. He definitely is in our sights, just as every terrorist, every person who operates against us by means of terror, is a target.

Haim Ramon
Israeli justice minister
June 29, 2006
Warning that Israel could target Khaled Meshaal, Hamas’ exiled political chief, based in Damascus, Syria, who has been blamed for blocking Shalit’s (a kidnapped Israeli soldier) release by the militants in Gaza.
[Israel also bombed the electrical power generation capabilities of Gaza, and took out three bridges, and arrested dozens of politicians. I say it’s a good first step. I still think feeding them to the hogs is the right way to handle the Islamic extremists.–Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Haim Ramon

  1. While I have absolutely no sympathy for the Palestinian criminals who invade Israel’s territory to attack and kidnap people, turning off electricity to water treatment plants that affect hundreds of thousands of people does not, in any way, seem like a reasonable response. Especially when it doesn’t hurt the terrorists, just the civilians.

  2. To defeat an enemy in war, it is essential to convince the entire population, from which the fighters gain their moral and material support, that they are defeated beyond hope (Look at what happened to Germany and Japan in W.W.II, and how much they were willing to endure before surrendering).

    If you have a provable model by which victory is achievable by any other means, against an enemy that has sworn your destruction as their primary goal in life, then I’m sure the Pentagon would like to hear from you.

    We’re going on what, over 60 years of countless “peace plans”. How many of those have been successful? Zero. What we need is a good wear plan, to get it over.

  3. The problem with your analogy is that unlike Germany or Japan, the civilian population in Gaza has lived under military occupation for the better part of 40 years already. How is it that Israel’s failed where the Allies succeeded in Europe and Asia after WW II?

    People can only sit around and watch their best land and acquifiers being taken away from them for so long.

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