No interest in the facts

He didn’t answer Just One Question when I ask the other day.  He didn’t even look at it (I checked my logs).  He knows what he wants to believe and that’s all that is important.  And he calls Chris Cox evil?  What can be more evil than insisting we ignore the facts and do things his way?  The way that has enabled the murder of at least 60 million people by their own governments in the 20th century?  His name is Michael Daly and he says:

Staring down barrel of NRA’s evil lobbyist

The devil does not wear Prada.

The Devil wears an off-the-rack suit and tie and speaks with a honeyed Southern accent.

That much remained clear yesterday as you gazed at the congealed blood on W. 22nd St., where four more New Yorkers had been shot with an illegal gun. The figure who immediately leapt to mind was the guy in the suit you had seen over the weekend at the National Rifle Association’s annual gathering in Milwaukee.

His name is Chris Cox, and he is the NRA’s chief lobbyist. He leads the charge to block Bloomberg’s effort in Washington to get the federal legislation that is the only way to stem the flow of illegal guns into New York.

Considering the 2nd Amendment says the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed and the 14th amendment says the Bill of Rights apply to the states and cities as well as the Feds, just what is an illegal gun?  Michael Daly has mental problems.

2 thoughts on “No interest in the facts

  1. They were going to solve the crime problem by outlawing guns. Now the criminals use illegal guns instead of legal ones. Now they want to, uh, outlaw illegal guns. If they’re successful, the criminals will then presumeably be using “illegal, illegal” guns. What will the idots in the legislature be saying then?

    “We need to stem the flow of illegal, illegal guns, by passing another law, making the criminal’s illegal possession and illegal use of illegal guns extra, super duper illegal, illegal. That’ll teach ’em.”

    It’ll teach ’em they’re in a world of fools.

  2. Oh geeze, I had no idea.

    Dang it, he wears off the rack suits and speaks with a southern accent. How de-classed. Looks like I’m gonna have to drop my membership

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