Tannerite and the law

I just noticed an interesting search hit on my blog.  Someone in the Texas Attorney General is researching Tannerite.  It doesn’t look like it was a casual search either.  They looked as deep as the first 60 Google hits.

I’m not a lawyer but from my reading of the law in some states the use of Tannerite is illegal without special licensing.  The Tannerite web site appears to claim this is not true.  If you use Tannerite please get a legal opinion you can trust before using it in your political jurisdiction.

Domain Name state.tx.us ? (United States)
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City  : Austin
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Javascript version 1.3

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2 thoughts on “Tannerite and the law

  1. Considering that this hit was from Texas, the simple explanation is that some good ‘ol boy was wanting to have some fun with his buddies out in the back ’40. Maybe blow up a few targets while they’re at it. Attorneys like to shoot, too!

  2. I would like to think that but I think it’s unlikely in this case. Google returns tannerite.com as the first result when searching for “tannerite”. The searcher went at least 60 results “deep” before clicking on the link to my blog posting. This indicates a much greater interest than most casual user of the product.

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