A quick history lesson

If you want to fire an assault weapon, do what so many patriotic Americans do: Join the armed forces.

Does that sound familiar to anyone?  

That could have been Lenin rephrased, as in this case, where the party members were exempt from a weapons ban.  Or it could have been Adolf Hitler who said:

If any citizen wants to possess arms, let him join the Party.

But it was neither.  And it was said in todays newspaper, not by a despot known to have killed millions, but by the U.S. politician Del. Anthony G. Brown who is Martin O’Malley’s running mate for the governor of Maryland.  He also said this:

Assault weapons have one purpose and one purpose only: That is to kill human beings.

Of the thousands of rounds I have fired through my “assault weapons” no humans were killed as a result.  I have to conclude that either my guns are defective or Brown’s thinking is defective.  I don’t have to toss a coin on this one.  In a comparison between my rifles and Brown’s brain I’ll take my rifles as the better of the two any day.


2 thoughts on “A quick history lesson

  1. I seem to remember that Kerry made a similar statement during the 2004 campaign.
    The first question that should be asked to someone who makes this statement is, What is an assault weapon?

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