ACLU and the Second Amendment

Once upon a time, long, long ago (over 20 years) I had a membership with the ACLU for one year. They still send me letters telling me the sky is falling and I need to send them more money. For at least the last ten years when I get one of those letters I write them a short note saying when they support the Second Amendment as an individual right I will immediately send them a check for $200.00 but until then they will get nothing from me. I use their postage paid return envelope and send it back to them. They haven’t changed their way yet and I’m not holding my breath.

To be fair, they have been on the same side as pro-gun people on some issues. And I have been told by one very high ranking pro-gun activist that at least one ACLU lobbyist carried a handgun in her purse illegally while on the job because it was such a dangerous town. Just because the top leadership of the ACLU has made a decision not to support the Second Amendment doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of them on our side. My guess is that a big part of the equation is that certain large donors to the ACLU are very anti-gun and being a pro-gun organization would cost them too much money.

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