Advice for Democrats

I’m all for pushing the Democrat party into extinction, but before I work on that project I want to give them some advice just to make the fight fair. Of course I’m a nobody and lot of pundits and political analysts have been offering advice to the Democrat party, it’s just that no one has offered what I think would be easiest and most effective change in their position. James Carville for example said this:

But yesterday, Mr. Carville said not only was it a great comeback, but coupled with the 2002 congressional-election losses, it shows it’s time for Democrats to engage in a major re-examination.

“We can deny this crap, but I’m out of the denial. I’m about reality here,” Mr. Carville told reporters at a breakfast hosted by the Christian Science Monitor. “We are an opposition party, and as of right now, not a particularly effective one. You can’t deny reality here.”

He said he is considering writing a book about what direction Democrats should go.

One possibility, he said, was to embrace a reform-oriented, anti-Washington agenda. That would require the ability of members of Congress to reject pork projects for their districts and stake the party’s fortunes on fiscal discipline.

I’m sure Carville’s advice would be helpful — it would make me more inclined to vote for a Democrat. But I would like to suggest something else. It has been said that the south was lost on “Guns, gays, and god”. If the Democrats were to take just one of those issues they could make significant inroads. My suggestion is to (surprise!) take the gun issue away from the Republicans. It’s easy to defend too — it is a constitutionally protected right. The other two, gays and god, are much more difficult to defend with the highest law of the land. Hammer the Republicans with their support of NFA 34, GCA 68, and the Brady Act. Demand the removal of the ‘F’ in the ATFE.  What would you say if that agency was called the Alcohol, Tobacco, Printers, and Explosives?  Firearms are given just as much protection by the constitution as printers!  Demand the “evil Republicans” explain what part of “shall not be infringed” they don’t understand. Get the ACLU behind you. The ACLU has long been an advocate of the most freedom supporting view of The Bill of Rights — except for the 2nd Amendment. It’s time to change that inconsistency. Do that and you pick up several states in the south and probably a couple in the west too.

I won’t be telling you again. Unless you change your ways it’s a political genocide that is on my agenda.