Institutionalized bigotry

According to these guys I imagine I exhibited all the symptoms of someone about to go postal, except for one.  The one missing was supplied by PNNL–by firing me.  How many other civil rights activists exhibit the same “symptoms”? 

Some type of obsession, e.g., weapons, other acts of violence, romantic/sexual, zealot (political, religious, racial), the job itself, neatness and order

Performance Problems, including problems with attendance or tardiness [I am a night person and I, and others, would arrive late and leave late]

Access to and familiarity with weapons

Being fired, laid off or suspended; passed over for promotion

As I read this web page I and others who advocate for the rights of gun owners, should never be hired in the first place.  There is a word for this–bigotry.


3 thoughts on “Institutionalized bigotry

  1. Looks to me like they need to ban customers and strangers from the work place, thats going to be a real profitable business strategy.

    Alternatively a simple formula seems to be don’t annoy people

  2. I too would fit that “profile” and I only read the blogs!
    It is slightly funny and terribly upsetting to me that some of the people I work with have a real (to them I think) fear of me because of my open beliefs. (I actually had my immediate manager jump back one day as I was using a spring hand exerciser tool….she actually thought it was a firearm! I told her she was silly and even if she was correct, jumping back would probably not help much unless she was Flash.)
    Except when provoked I’m just a regular nice Joe that wouldn’t hurt anything.
    Sorry to read of the violation of your civil rights.

  3. I don’t know, Joe. The profile included a lot more than tardiness and “obsession”. As I look around me at work, I see more than a few obsessed slobs running around who arrive late, work late, like their jobs, and are high perfomers. I think you need most of the items on the profile present before you pose much of a threat.

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