Alan Korwin seeks to add hoplophobia to DSM

I don’t know how many people have had the pleasure of meeting Alan Korwin in person but he ranks right up there with Robin Williams in terms of energy and ability to make you laugh.  His writing can’t fully communicate his energy but it’s funny and right on in terms of gun rights and how to deal with the gun haters.  His latest paper is titled The Last Refuge for Hate: Gun Hate.  Here is an excerpt:

… since the bulk of resistance to the American right to arms has its roots in a medical condition, no amount of history, legal analysis, precedent, logic or argument will resolve the issue.

People who are terrified of and hate guns — hoplophobes — don’t care about anything rational, and we waste our time on such arguments. They want guns to go away. They don’t trust guns. They don’t trust people who have guns, and especially people who like guns. The only exception is “official” people with guns, meaning, they’re from the government, a source of relief.

I know, I know, that’s irrational. But that’s the nature of the disease, and it will not be fixed by DOJ reports.

Hate is a terrible thing.

It must be confronted vigorously, righteously, and in a forthright manner. Logic and law do not confront hate, or help lessen it. We must learn not to tolerate gun hate, anywhere we find it.

Hoplophobic behavior in government, schools, and all facets of public life must be recognized for what it is, exposed, and rooted out or treated. Seemingly utopian pacifists are free to profess their love of a weapon-free world, but they must start by disarming the evil, criminal and tyrannical. Disarming the general public is a vent for their twisted fear and hatred, a grotesque affront to freedom, and unacceptable.

Guns save lives. Guns stop crime. Guns are why America is still free. The history of freedom is inextricably tied to the development of weapons (an interesting study, by the way, if you have the time to examine it). Good people need guns. Efforts to end that are immoral and unjust, and when done by government, is a direct failure to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.” That’s a violation of the oath of office, which should lead to removal from office and possibly even criminal charges.

The people we elect or hire for public service should be screened for latent or overt gun hatred, and disqualified if such hatred is found, before it can do any more harm to our nation and its values.

It is well past the time when the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders), the catalog of recognized mental infirmities, includes “hoplophobia,” in all its forms, and serious medical research is conducted to identify and treat this pernicious condition that threatens us all. The doctors among you should begin raising this issue. If you’re not a doctor but have one or two, ask them about it.

There’s a lot more.  Go read it for yourself and buy some of his books while you are there.


One thought on “Alan Korwin seeks to add hoplophobia to DSM

  1. There’s no doubt that for many holophobia is a severe neurosis. I saw a study a few years ago which fairly well described the condition. Subjects feared to even touch guns in way indicating they thought that the gun was virtually alive or vested with magic powers by virtue of its structure, much as would a cross affect a vampire. [Rational thought seems to have the same effect on an even greater number.]

    I don’t see any cure short of lobotomy. And including it as a disease would cause more problems than it would solve in terms of medical costs. I hear Great Britian is having a significant problem keeping up with treating “allergies” and 5 billion other mental disorders. An allergy apparently can be anything anyone thinks it is, including perhaps guns.

    So it might be better to keep quiet on this one. Also Liberals have enough of a paranoiac conspiracy theorist persecution complex coupled with a noble victimhood, so as to make their larger disease, which is their mind, something we just don’t want to go into. I certainly don’t. Then they’d probably start demanding reparations to redress the damage allowed by the second amendment, and so forth.

    On the contrary, my good fellow, this idea needs to be covered up, but will then get us basted when it is uncovered. But at least we will have bought some time.Pick your poison. We have “choices”.

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