It’s True

I’m 6’ 3’” and Barb is 6’ 1”. She has an inseam that is two inches longer than mine.

I showed her this meme from Happy Little Memes – According To Hoyt::


The response was an instant laugh followed by, “It’s true!”

Internally, I quibble a little bit with that assessment, but not so much that I would actually vocalize it.


2 thoughts on “It’s True

  1. I’m 6’1”

    Once I paid the $50 or so extra for legroom on an international flight. Not only did I not get extra legroom, I got the dreaded SSSS designation on my boarding pass. Luckily I got patted down by a not-unattractive young lady (they do security slightly differently in other countries) and I had just enough language skills to muddle my way through.

    All in all, I would suggest either going for a full-on upgrade to business/first class if it’s in the budget, or else saving your money.

  2. My baby sister is an inch or so taller than me. When she sits next to me, she turns into a munchkin. Her legs are 6 inches longer than mine. She got my legs! I’d be six foot tall!

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