2 thoughts on “It is Better to be Nuked

  1. “The culture of the people makes a big difference too.”
    Absolutely spot on, Joe. The culture makes all the difference. There is a reason why places look like they do. And it generally comes down to how everyone else acts in a group.
    If you grow up around people that refuse to be a victim. And demand everyone do their part. Well, you showed pictures of the difference.
    I heard tell that after the last big tsunami. The stores actually had to put out public service announcements that people could go and take whatever they needed without paying.
    They would starve and do without before taking something that didn’t belong to them.
    Maybe that kind of attitude is what our forefathers meant in mentioning their “sacred honor”.
    Maybe one day we might learn again that a nod and a handshake is better than a contract?

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