This is Just the Beginning

California man charged with smuggling greenhouse gases a US first, prosecutors say | Fox News

A Southern California man was arrested Monday on suspicion of smuggling refrigerants into the U.S. from Mexico and federal prosecutors said he’s the first person to be charged with violating regulations intended to curb the use of greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change.

The indictment alleges Michael Hart, of San Diego, smuggled the ozone-depleting chemicals across the border concealed under a tarp and tools in his vehicle. He posted them for sale on the internet, according to a statement from the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

“This is the first time the Department of Justice is prosecuting someone for illegally importing greenhouse gases, and it will not be the last,” U.S. Attorney Tara McGrath said in a statement.

Emphasis added.

I see a future where ordinary people are prosecuted for smuggling carbonated soft drinks into California.

* You knew the carbonation, CO2, is already considered a pollutant in some political jurisdictions, right?


4 thoughts on “This is Just the Beginning

  1. California, the land of unleavened bread after they ban yeast for producing CO2. And so much for wine and beer production.

  2. There is no conclusive proof, other than government feelings, that the ozone is being destroyed. As the action of 3-O2>sunlight>2-O3, then back again. Happens possibly millions of times a second. Just as nature releasing/sequestering CO2 on an annual basis. No crime to prove.
    But one is dealing with screw-loose commies. So, anything they don’t feel good about is a crime.
    Off to the pit of Calcutta with him!

  3. Ozone depletion by refrigeratant is an absolute red herring and the industry goes along with it because instead of fixing leaks they just sell you new equipment.

  4. The whole old refrigerants(R-!2,R-22 etc) bad thing was bought and paid for by DuPont. They held the original patents for the refrigerants in common use back then ,and said patent(s) was expiring. Care to guess who holds the patents on the gases in current use? Which, by the way are much more dangerous then the old gases.

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