Lying By Omission

Man who made billions out of death and killing dies at the age of 94 (

It is unknown exactly how many people have died as a result of Glock handguns.

The first mass shooting believed to involve a Glock handgun was in 1991 when George Jo Hennard shot 24 people and injured 27. He fired two guns, including a Glock 17, at diners in Luby’s Cafeteria, Killeen, Texas.

This list is exhausting, but not exhaustive.

It is very telling that no mention was made of the millions of innocent lives saved using handguns with the name Glock on the slide.


5 thoughts on “Lying By Omission

  1. I read the first sentence and thought they were referring to George Soros.


  2. If one would dare to gaze into the collective communist mirror on the subject of murder?
    And most all victims being disarmed first?
    One might find; “This list is exhausting, but not exhaustive.”
    To say the least.
    Speaking of exhaust, Hasn’t MSM exceeded their carbon limits yet? I’m beginning to understand that idea that CO2 is a pollutant. At least in their case.
    And to think these are the same people who would have us dead for not taking the jab? Think they would use Glocks to do it?

  3. A mass shooting occurred in Bruneswick, Georgia, in 1916. That’s right, 1916. A business man named Monroe Phillips became angry at an attorney, who called him at home to complain about Phillips selling a boat he didn’t have clear title to. Monroe Phillips went to the attorney’s office, murdered him and another man in the building, and wounded another man. He left the building and began shooting randomly, wounding more than 2 dozen, and killing six. He was killed by two men who purchased firearms at a hardware store, then caught Phillips inside a drug store. Phillips used a 10 gauge, double barrel shot gun. It was written up in American Handgunner magazine, Ayoob;s column.

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