6 thoughts on “Build Your Own Underground Shelter

  1. Ha! Now we know how the Vietnamese outlasted us in the Nam!
    That was pretty neat. Great illustration into how easy it is.
    Especially if you live in a kudzu overgrown section of Georgia? Underground gives you a big advantage of only having to deal with 50 degree temperatures as a constant. But rainy seasons can be hell.
    And the real bitch is hiding from thermals.
    Keep entrance/exits under live tree canopy if possible.
    And remember, even cheap night vision can see other peoples IR/lights being used for maneuver on and around your AO. Something a lot of GI’s and tribal vibrants may not think about on a dark night.
    Thanks Joe!

  2. I know it’s difficult because of roots & stuff


    Putting the chimney opening under a nice leafy shrub, or a pine tree, or something will filter/diffuse the smoke & make it even less detectable

      • She stopped, but you could keep on digging. Carefully.

        We did that as kids, but not as detailed. Probably as large, though. The other kids got bored, I think, so it stopped fairly quickly. Some ground is better than others for this sort of activity.

        • Drainage, sanitation, water, and food supplies… lots of issues to deal with unless it is an emergency in reasonably dry weather.

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