As I reported four years ago I have a license to carry concealed from Oregon. It was expiring 6/24/2023 so last Monday I drove the six and half hours to John Day Oregon, spent the night in a motel, and went on to the sheriff’s office in Canyon City to renew it. I then drove another six hours to Idaho.
I arrived 15 minutes early for my 9:00 AM appointment, but they allowed me in early and processed my renewal. They took my picture, they gave my new license, I signed the back of the permit, and I was out the door by 9:01.
Friday night, when I arrived back in Bellevue, my renewed Utah license was waiting for me. I spread my set of licenses on the counter and observed none on them call the license for the same privilege the same thing:

Utah: Concealed Firearm Permit
Oregon: Concealed Handgun License
Arizona: Concealed Weapons Permit
Idaho: Enhanced Concealed Weapons License
Washington: Concealed Pistol License
Okay, whatever. None of them are constitutional under Bruen. But It’s the price I pay to avoid getting in trouble until we have constitutional carry everywhere.
As I pondered the set, I wondered in which states I had coverage and did I still need all the licenses to get maximum coverage. It turns out that I could get the same coverage with Washington, Idaho (enhanced), and Oregon.
I’ll keep that in mind the next time the Utah or Arizona licenses come up for renewal. Things change, and it is a lot easier to renew than to apply for a new license if I need that license for coverage in some other state.
My collection and Constitutional Carry in many states gives me coverage in the following 37 states:
Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming.
In a few days Florida will allow concealed carry without a license. That would make 38 states available for my legal carry of a concealed firearm. (Does not apply to non-residents.) If I changed my residence to Idaho (I wish!). I would have coverage in Colorado with my Idaho license. Of course, I may need to leave my 18-round magazines behind and replace them with 10 round magazines if things go badly in Oregon. Delaware and Vermont also require I modify my standard carry capacity.


7 thoughts on “CFP/CHL/CWP/ECWL/CPL Renewal

  1. I’ve spoken of this as having the government’s permission to exercise that right. Sometimes it gets a visible pause. Not being critical, we do what we can.

  2. I thought AZ has Constitutional Carry. Do you have that permit for reciprocity? NH offers permits for that reason even though it has CC. Or is CC in AZ only for residents? In NH it is for everyone, resident or not, so it isn’t your “collection” that lets you carry in NH but rather its Constitutional Carry law.

    • I originally got the AZ permit to carry in Nevada. But that is now covered with my Idaho (and Utah) permit.

  3. I can’t tell you how happy I am to hear that Grant County Oregon is still doing non-resident permits. I have one and it expires next year. New Sheriff since my last renewal and since NR in Oregon is May Issue, I was worried about that.

  4. “The law allows authorized Florida residents to carry a concealed firearm or other weapons ”

    I don’t think that cover folks from out of state without a permit. I think the same holds true here in Kentucky.

  5. I just renewed my Florida Non-Resident permit. I sent it Priority Mail four days before it expired and I received the new card good until 2032 in not even two weeks! I was highly impressed.

    My Utah permit gives me Nevada.and my mix gives me a lot of overlap. I have 38 states. Missing CA, OR, CO, IL, MN, NY, PA, HI, NJ, CT, MA and RI as well as the District. I could get non-resident PA and DC permits easily and that would be about as good as it gets.

    Strangely, Maryland improved my rights! I picked up a couple of states including South Carolina that was off-limits to my non-resident permits. Then again, in 4 days I lose my Maryland rights in practice when the new SB1 bills goes into effect that mirrors New York’s “no public carry” post-Bruen laws. So again, I will have more rights outside where I live than I do inside. As of July 1 I can carry in my car and that is about it.

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