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What percentage of stories on politics or public figures is NOT misleading. I’ll give you the answer in the comments.

Close to zero. We don’t have a press that does news, just narrative. Zero newspapers talked to me before canceling me. No curiosity about context. When you meet the subjects of stories they laugh about how wrong the news is. Almost every time.

Scott Adams @ScottAdamsSays
Tweeted on March 4, 2023

I fully agree. I could tell you supporting stories for an hour. See also this category of blog posts.

This sentiment is not rare. See for example here:


According to Gallop, 38% of Americans have no trust at all in the mass media.

But that does not tell the entire story. It would not be much of stretch to say 100% of Americans has zero trust in the mass media. Those with some trust in the media are not Americans. They are useful idiots and/or communists.


7 thoughts on “No News, Just Narrative

  1. Ya, and the narrative is always in favor for the communists.
    That’s the reason there is a 100 million gun owners and growing daily.
    It would be interesting if they polled immigrants. I bet that number would be closer to zero.
    Wherever they came from was probably pumping propaganda/narrative meme worse than the American media is. As many of them are trying to claw their way out of some dictatorial shithole or another.
    Media is just another communist bureaucracy. And almost always has been.

    • I have a biased sample, but the immigrants I know are gun owners and better Americans than most native born US citizens.

      There are numerous samples commenting on this blog and volunteers making explosives at Boomershoot.

  2. In his book, Expanded Universe, published in 1966, Robert Heinlein wrote that on two occasions he was on the spot when some event or another took place, and on both occasions TIME Magazine got it wrong. Heinlein shed this mortal coil in 1988. I am sure that were he alive today, he would have found many more occasions where many more media producers were wrong. Either ones he knew of personally or occasions reported to him by the friends he had in military intelligence.

  3. You can’t say 0% have trust in the mass media. My mother for example watches MSNBC literally 8 to 10 hours each day every single day and believes literally every single solitary they say with absolute confidence and trust. She believes them to be the most correct, justified, open, balanced, etc news outlet to exist. It is psychologically incomprehensible for her that all she’s doing is getting a far left dopamine rage hit. She can’t handle criticism of them or their view points at all because she is of the exact same opinion because she has MSNBC do the thinking for her. To the point if you challenge what she believes, which is basically what she is told to believe because she lets MSNBC do the thinking for her she will react as though she is in physical pain and then constantly try to deflect since her position in the position of MSNBC is not right. For example she defends teachers sexually grooming children because in her mind it’s the parents fault for not being more attentive. She believes all men are evil because they are men (except members of the democrat party and there media allies) and that literally 100% of white people are racist, unless they are Democrats. She is actually worse than your average far left woke lunatic college student. Because she has around quite literally 50,000 hours of watching MSNBC in the past 15 or 16 years. At least with a woke far left progressive college student once reality slaps them in the face again and again they might change their mind and realize that they are idiots. It may be a small percentage but it’s there. She’s in her late 70s at this point beyond realizing that she is in the end a useful idiot. So she was indoctrinated in her early 60’s. And there are a couple million people that think just like she does. My mother also believes that Trump should be executed and the entire population of the United States voted for him exterminated. Wonder how she got that kind of mindset?

    And the thing is I’m not even being hyperbolic or making these things up. She actually believes this crap.

  4. I have been at hundreds of events covered by the media. Not once did they get it completely right. Sometimes it was a technical issue that only a geek like me would care about, sometimes it was focusing on the sensational rather than the substantive but there were numerous cases where I was left wondering whether I had been in the same place.

    Conservatives tend to blame this on bias which is certainly there but also present in large doses are stupidity, ignorance, laziness and an obsession with sex and violence.

  5. “….also present in large doses are stupidity, ignorance, laziness and an obsession with sex and violence.”

    The stupidity, ignorance and laziness are the default settings that are baked in by the academic process so they’re uncorrectable until we nuke the Education Industrial Complex, but as for that sex and violence thing, if the media concentrated on only that it would be immensely popular, make a lot of money and cause much less social damage in the bargain.

    Less Lefty social hand-wringing and pearl-clutching at 6 PM and more Mayhem and Depravity! That’s the ticket.

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