It is not just a U.S. Problem

Six people are reported dead:

Multiple people shot, some fatally, in Germany: Police

Multiple people were shot, some fatally, at a building used by Jehovah’s Witnesses in Hamburg, Germany, on Thursday evening, police said.

Several people were seriously injured in the shooting, said police, who initially described the location as a church.

As Barb sometimes says, “Why can’t people just be nice?” I think the answer is that there are evil people everywhere. It isn’t just a problem in the U.S. At least here we frequently have a chance of shooting back.


3 thoughts on “It is not just a U.S. Problem

  1. Well, Jehovah’s can be annoying. Not exactly to that level though.
    It’s always sad hearing about another gun-free zone shoot-up.
    Gun-free zones are just satan’s designation for weapons-free zones.
    And as usual, governments are the last to figure that out. I mean the entirety of Germany was declared a gun-free zone in the late 1930’s, right?
    And look what happened then. It went weapons free on it’s friends, family, and neighbors.
    God told us that human governments are greedy retards. But we never catch on.

  2. This is obviously fake news since Germany has all those gun control laws that we are told will make us safe.

  3. Wonder if the Germans will ever release any actual info about the shooter or their possible motivation.

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