As a combat veteran, I don’t believe anyone, including the cops, should have an AK-15 or AR-47. They’re not good for defending your overpriced rental property and nothing you own is worth someone else’s life anyway.

Maybe they are just doing a bad job of trolling.


13 thoughts on “Trolling?

  1. “Nothing you own is worth someone else’s life”
    Kills people for the government as a job

    • And ignores the likelihood that when thugs break into an occupied house, they plan to do more than steal.

      Perhaps his sympathies are with the thugs, because he is one.

  2. so tired of hearing the left say nothing you own is worth someone’s life…it’s only property…the point is, it’s mine…i worked for it…i paid for it…if it’s a car, i’m probably still paying for it…it ain’t cheap insuring it…right now there is an everything shortage…if you break in to my house to steal stuff, how do i know you won’t hurt me or my family…i would bet a months pay check that any shitbag that is taking your property would try to kill you if you tried taking his “property”…

    • As evidenced by the fact that they’re generally carrying guns themselves?
      Ya, the left’s insanity is as obvious as gravity.

  3. That “combat veteran” seems really proud of her field organizing for the Biden campaign and volunteering for the Obama Foundation, and her pronouns, but somehow doesn’t find it important to mention her veteran status, her branch of service, where she served, etc.

    Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus

  4. I trade part of my life to earn the money to puy the thinhgs I need and want. If you try to steal it you are claiming part of my life. I will fight that form of slavery with voigor.

  5. “As a combat veteran”. What are the odds that this yahoo doesn’t own a gun….
    Specifically an AR or AK patter rifle. Typical of most leftists….. “Rules are for thee, never for me”.

  6. Opinion of a not-a-combat vet of 22ish years USAF. I spent those years in an organization whose job (boiled down to the very core) is to defend people’s right to own and do just about anything as long as it doesn’t harm another or their property–a thing called “Liberty”. That “combat vet” doesn’t understand what her job was.

  7. We need to provide some assistance to the left, the media and the trolls (which is just three names for the same thing) by consolidating terminology.

    I’m proposing the following for the consolidation: AR-15 + AK-47 = 62, so “ARK-62″ can be the universal term for any firearm longer than, say, 18 inches overall length, regardless of appearance, color, grip style, sighting mechanism, action type, caliber, or gauge.

    For handguns, there’s .22, .25, .30. .32, 9MM,.38, .357, .40, .44, .45, .50, so……carry the one…..”692” will be the universal descriptor for any and all handguns.

    To go one step farther, adding the ARK-62 to the 692 produces “ARK-754” which can be used to designate anything that goes “bang” thereby simplifying their task and eliminating the need for directing the usual ridicule toward those who will get everything wrong anyway.

    To the left in general and the media in particular, I apologize for “754” being such a big number and urge “reporters” not try to replicate the math on their own. Just trust us and go with the 754 (or as close to that as you can come), it’ll be easier and we’ll know what you think you mean.

  8. Whenever I see a post like this, my first reaction is “is there any reason whatsoever I should believe the claim ‘veteran’, let alone ‘combat veteran’?”

    By far the more likely explanation is “stolen valor”.

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