Barrett Firearms is now Australian owned

NIOA Acquires Barrett Firearm

Australian defense contractor NIOA Group announced today that it had acquired 100 percent of Barrett Firearms, expanding the company’s global reach. In the same announcement, NIOA Group CEO Robert Nioa confirmed that Barrett would continue to operate under its own brand. All management and staff at Barrett’s Murfreesboro, Tenn., manufacturing facility will be retained, and production will continue as normal. Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed.

It sounds as if civilian sales will continue.

I don’t really have the money to buy and feed a Barrett but I want that possibility to exist for other people.


5 thoughts on “Barrett Firearms is now Australian owned

  1. I am suspicious of anything Australian these days. Are they going to continue the policy of refusing orders from LE in jurisdictions that don’t allow citizen ownership.

    • That was my first thought also. I trust Randy Barrett a lot more than some Australian corporate body.

  2. Civilian sales will continue.

    But will sales to repressive government agencies begin?

  3. Does anyone else sense a large incongruity here? Australia prohibits the private ownership of firearms generally and yet an Australian company comes to the U.S. and buys the premier company that has stood for individual rights and limitation of.government over reach. There must be some interesting details that are not public because this is seems to lack logic to me.

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