There could be a problem here

Via Rolf who says, “I detect a problem”:


I think someone needs to put a little more spin on their bullets.

Although, if the distance is short enough and/or the target big enough this probably has more stopping power than a soft or hollow point bullet.


9 thoughts on “There could be a problem here

  1. For some reason there is no count of the misses. Considering the dispersion of the holes in the targets, i would not like to depend on that ammunition/firearm combination in a self-defense situation.

  2. Could be 62 or even 77gr 5.56 through a 1:12″ barrel.

    I have a 30-year-old Contender barrel in .223 that keyholes 62’s.

  3. Maybe this was from that Tau Fledermaus guy – loading multiple 5.56 bullets in a shot cup in a 10 gauge shotgun shell!

  4. I’ve fired three Beretta .25’s, the 950BS model. Think they are made here in the US. One punched round holes at 25 yards, one keyholed at 15 yds, and one keyholed at 7 yards. Not impressed with their quality. They had other problems, but their customer dept didn’t want to talk to me. Guess they were too busy making pistols for the Army to care about civilian customers. At least I got my shotgun before they got stupid. Piss on ’em, no more Beretta’s for me after that treatment.

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