Evidence for their trials

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A King County Superior Court judge has ordered a Federal Way gun shop to stop selling high-capacity magazines in violation of a state ban.

Judge Michael Scott on Friday granted Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s motion for preliminary injunction against Federal Way Discount Guns and its owner, Mohammed Reza Baghai.

Ferguson sued the store in December, saying it’s one of just two gun stores out of 25 tested across the state that failed to follow the law during a compliance operation.

This is evidence to be used at their trials

Yes, I know that at this time the odds seem very low of this happening. But I also know the odds are lower still if we don’t think and plan as if it will happen some day. There were lots of people who thought they would never be prosecuted for lynching blacks too. Attitudes can change a lot in 20 years. Be a force to change attitudes.


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  1. In recent years I’ve found the “lynching blacks” example more and more ironic in relation to what someone is trying to say. In the century between the end of the Civil War and the Civil Rights Act, roughly seven thousand people in America were lynched, about 30% of them white. (Side note: the Leo Franks case led to the ADL because he was lynched for raping and murdering a 13 year old white girl, and he’d gotten off with Jewish lawyering, and they didn’t want their own to be held accountable for their crimes against goyim. To put in context, they tried to frame a black man in Alabama in 1913 for the crime, and couldn’t even convince the literal KKK members on the jury to convict). Of the five thousand-odd blacks lynched, a solid majority were guilty of the crimes they were lynched for. Because of the real possibility of “rough justice” the marriage rate was high and the crime rate was low in the black community for a long time. They took care of their own, and dealt with their own, too.

    Since the CRA was passed, along with a lot of “social welfare” programs and a crackdown of mob justice, the 5000 murders that took a century to accomplish is now not much more than and given single year of just black-on-black murder in the USA, in part because they know the chance of punishment any time soon is remote. By the numbers, the ‘hood was literally safer under lynching rule than modern “rule of law.”

    Make of that what you will…..

    • I could see that if they display the same amount of impulse control then, that they do today, absolutely.
      And during those same time periods I’m sure there were plenty of lynching all over this country that didn’t involve blacks at all.
      Horse thieving and cattle rustling being part of American culture.
      Not that justice was part of all those acts.
      But it certainly sent the message to everyone smart enough to hear it!

  2. They should inform the judge he is in violation of the 2A. Therefor his order has no standing. And he is acting outside his jurisdiction.
    And any action taken by him or others under his order is in violation of several civil right statues. Carrying fines, imprisonment, disbarment, and asset forfeiture.
    Any violence committed under his order will be treated as criminal on all involved in the conspiracy. With suitable penalties.
    They need to make it personal. He’s not a judge, he’s a criminal. Just like the local mafia boss telling you I can’t sell things you own.
    No one is constrained to abide a law conceived and prosecuted under criminal acts.

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