Mugme street update

I used to work in the tall building you see in the background.


3 thoughts on “Mugme street update

  1. So sad, I use to visit Seattle back in the last century when I worked for Navy. It was a great city back then. No fear. Tourist were everywhere downtown. A fun place to eat, work and play. Sad part there is no going back, not without a responsible adult governing leadership. And even then, it would take a decade.

  2. We have a branch office in the Norton Building a few blocks from there. When I’m in town, I often have to walk around between the Norton Building and Union Station and it’s no better in that area.

    The entire downtown Seattle area is just a mess. What’s shocking to me is that “normal” people will still go there. Ten years ago I really enjoyed going to Seattle. Now I avoid it whenever possible and spend as little time downtown as I can.

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