Quote of the day—Kyle Rittenhouse @ThisIsKyleR

How many of you know my lawyer called the FBI to testify during my trial?

How many of you know their testimony was stopped after an assistant US Attorney objected from the gallery over a tail number?

One day the entire story will be told and it will shock every American.

Kyle Rittenhouse @ThisIsKyleR
Tweeted on November 13, 2022
[What a tease!

I’ve thought about asking Rittenhouse to be the dinner speaker at Boomershoot. It isn’t the most perfect match but it could be interesting.—Joe]


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  1. At this point I can’t imagine anyone being shocked over finding out the government was illegally twisting narratives and doing criminal acts for same.
    He should be happy he wasn’t at the J6 rally. Ruby Ridge or Waco I & II.
    He’s one of the lucky ones. Coming up against the narrative and living through it is a good tale to be told. May he live long and prosper!

    • I’m confused by the Waco I and Waco II labels. Are you referring to the initial ATF attack, and the subsequent FBI/ATF deliberate destruction of the compound?

      • Waco II refers to the Twin Peaks biker shootout in I believe 2017?
        Anyway, bikers are not the smartest people to walk the earth. But parlay is something they all understand.
        Now when hundreds of rival gang members show up at a prearrange get-together. They’re not going for a shoot-out.
        But just in case there was several police and 11 SWAT officers stationed in vehicles around the parking area.
        The undercover cop that was inside the building said the shooting started inside.
        Then somehow it came outside, and the police started shooting at the shooters in the crowd, and several people ended up dead and wounded.
        The report said no one knows when the fed’s showed up. (Or if they were there already).
        Everyone’s motorcycles were confiscated, over 150 arrested. And no one was indicted for anything. (Including the three officers that got the finger pointed at them. Think, Lavoy Finicum.)
        Much speculation about all the reasons for it. And at the time there was the usual gapping holes in the official narrative. Kind of like the Vegas shooting. It leaves one with a ton of unanswered questions.
        Like the photos from behind the unmarked black Surburban’s with 5.56 brass everywhere? When it’s just biker scum killing over there killing each other?
        Little passed the smell test.
        Anyway, that’s what I call Waco II.

  2. What does he mean about “tail number”?

    The only tail numbers I know of are on aircraft. If that’s what the AUSA was objecting about, I’d really like to know what logical case he/she made to explain its relevance to a self-defense trial, the events for which took place entirely on the ground, away from any aircraft.

    (Also, I wasn’t aware someone could object from the gallery. Isn’t voicing objections limited to the trial team?)

    Like Joe said, what a tease!

    • There was one or more FBI drones observing the action on the ground. I think there were some issues about getting that video.

      • IIRC, what the feds eventually gave the defense looked like it was filmed by a potato, but the same view given to the prosecution looked like a Hollywood production.

  3. Joe, what’s your definition of a “perfect match” for being a Boomershoot speaker”?

    I think Rittenhouse would be great.

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