You aren’t polluting—you are fertilizing

Well, duh!

Carbon Dioxide Seems to Be Making Trees Grow Faster, Scientists Say

Amid serious concerns about the climate effects of carbon dioxide, scientists have discovered something intriguing — that trees appear to be growing faster and larger as levels of the compound rise.

In a press release, environmental researchers at Ohio State University claimed that the rate and size at which forests are growing may already be counteracting the worst effects of climate change.

“Forests are taking carbon out of the atmosphere at a rate of about 13 percent of our gross emissions,” Brent Sohngen, co-author of the school’s study published recently in Nature Communications and OSU professor of environmental and resource economics, said. “While we’re putting billions of tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, we’re actually taking much of it out just by letting our forests grow.”

I suspect farm and garden crop yields are also improving.

People who want CO2 emissions reduced want people to starve*.

* Yeah, it is an absurd statement. But, if gun owners insisting the specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms not be infringed means we want school children murdered then environmentalist should be able to suck it up when they are accused of wanting people to starve.


11 thoughts on “You aren’t polluting—you are fertilizing

  1. It appears we need to spend vast sums of research monies to discover things we all ready know. I am in my 70’s and remember being taught in grade school that plants breath in CO2 and exhale Oxygen. Animals do the reciprocal breath in oxygen and exhale CO2. Our Green House operators have for many years pumped in CO2 to speed up and enhance their plant growth.

    Seems that one cannot know anything these days unless the Gov. pays some one for it. I think that is how Al Gore invented the internet.

    • The Climate catastrophists cut Biology class the day Chlorophyll and Photosynthesis was taught.

  2. The “absurd” statement isn’t as absurd as you might think. There is a fringe environmentalist element that holds humanity to be a danger to the planet and the solution is the elimination of much of it.

    • Yes. I know. But they aren’t mainstream in the “climate change” crowd. So, it isn’t entire fair to tar them all with the same brush. After all, brushes are cheap, and we can use different brushes for each sub faction to be fair.

      • That’s right. The orcs are not the problem, only Sauron.
        The brush I’m leaning towards more and more is “Satan’s Minions.” They may not be active satanists, but they are evil, anti-human, amoral, self-centered, and actively promoting things that produce human suffering and misery, reducing real-world progress, increasing group-think, decreasing freedom in all the wrong ways, stoking irrational feeling over critical thinking, trashing the rule of law, and generally promoting all those things Satan would approve of. If a person’s actions are all but indistinguishable from a practicing, fully-aware Satanist, and working for organizations that appear to be run by them based on the imagery they use, then, well….

      • Besides, the Leftists have bought up all the broad brushes.
        Every Second Amendment supporter is in favor of gangsters shooting up anything and everything, and as you said, wants children to be massacred in weekly Sandy Hook lots.
        Any Christian believes everything the Westboro Baptist Church twelve believe, and every Catholic supports child molestation, as do the Boy Scouts and any group in which a child molester is discovered, other than the public schools.
        The only brushes we have left are the sui generis brushes. they allow for when a Leftist commits some mass murder and they can’t stifle the story quickly enough..
        “We just don’t know why this man ran his car through a Christmas Fair in Germany, and we shouldn’t rush to conclusions that it was a hate crime.

        • Yes. This, exactly.
          If we play honestly, we lose.
          They never play honestly, and they use your honesty and desire to be precise and nuanced against you.

          That is the nature of evil.

  3. So wait…. Scientists are now saying that if a life-form has an abundance of everything it needs, that it somehow gets healthier and thrives, in contrast to life-forms that don’t have such an abundance?

    I could have told them that, with a much smaller government research grant!

    Next they’ll be saying that a human raised on a balanced and nutrient-dense diet will end up healthier than one raised on a calorie-dense-but-nutrient-void diet. Such outlandish claims will need extraordinary evidence to support. [snerk]

    Let me guess: the scientists conclude by saying they need more funding for more research to figure out why that happens.

    • There’s a reason Kudzu grows faster than the gardeners can haul it away, and Bristlecone pine grows mere millimeters per year. Who’d have thought that?

  4. The only reason for the climate crisis in the first place was so that elites could control the resource.
    Gore and Kerry done told us the answer when they were accused of hypocrisy by flying their jets everywhere.
    Oh, we have carbon off-sets they say. Which is just them paying someone to plant trees.
    If you can’t control the resource directly. (As most third world shitholes are floating on pools of oil.) Control of the shipping, refining, and the by-products is just as good. If not better.

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