7 thoughts on “Why do I have a gun?

  1. That looks like an Oleg Volk photo. Is it? Or are there more people who do pro gun rights work as good as Oleg?

  2. “What do anti-gun people want to do to me after I’m disarmed?”

    Anything they want. It’s not like you’ll be able to stop them..,

  3. I think actually many of them want the bad stuff to happen to you while you’re in the process of being disarmed. Hence the threats of fighter jets, drone strikes and nukes.

  4. “What do the anti-gun people want to happen to me after I am disarmed?”
    In reality, they can only imagine a utopia. And anyone that innocently believes gun control works. Is to simple to have a say in the matter.
    But the next level of evil up understands that you can never take peoples guns away from them. You can only piss them off enough to get them to use them on each other.
    Gun control, weapons control, rock control? It’s a siren song for morons or the intentionally evil.
    And we need not imagine what they would do with the power of disarmament. Just look around you at what they have already done, with yourself being fully armed!

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