8 thoughts on “Sad but true

  1. Interesting that the meme attributes it to Neil Smith, given that Neil on his website (ncc-1776.org) very clearly credits T. D. Melrose.

  2. Good meme. But the real deal is that no one believes any of it. Not us or the communist.
    They want us disarmed by any means necessary. Rape, murder, theft, chaos, is always the game. Before and after.
    It’s always about who gets to do it, to whom. We need to start speaking that part out loud.
    The communist tells us we all need to get along and compromise to make a better future. You believe that? They don’t. We need to start dealing with their lies, with truth. No matter the reaction. And quit second guessing ourselves when it comes to their intentions.
    The only way to speak truth to power, or communists, is with a steely gaze and your AR at low ready. And with a firm mind set to back up every word you say.
    Until we do. We will not have a society worth living in. Or a place justice would be caught dead in.
    We’ve lost our government, a large portion of our country. We giving up the ghost to these punks to?

  3. “…explaining to police how her attacker got that fatal bullet wound.”

    I’d offer that involving the police at that point, especially in any Blue area, would be counterproductive unless the carcass was on one’s home turf. A random sidewalk? Holster, collect the brass and move on.

    • I’ve heard stories that friendly police officers confidently say that if you have to shoot someone in an out of your area city that you would be better off not calling the cops. Keep moving, get out of the city within an hour or two, and never go back.

      That was before all the surveillance cameras so things might have changed. It might depend on who was shot too. Drug addicted son of a high ranking politician is different than a nobody.

  4. Only thing you ever say is, I was attacked. Repeat the same three words every time your asked. Don’t say you shot anyone. Or anything other. That gives the on-scene police something to go on. Wither they believe it or not doesn’t matter. It establishes you as the victim.
    After that, shut up, and lawyer up.
    I know police that have actually told people to go sit down and shut up, in those situations.
    They don’t need to know. Dead scum in an alley, or dead scum in your doorway. A lot of time they don’t want to know. It’s dead scum.
    And the prosecutor is only looking for a conviction record.
    The harder their job, the less they will want to deal with it.

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