No more debate

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Fortunately for everyone, SCOTUS ruled in favor of the Constitution in Bruen. This significantly reduced the odds of armed conflict over the keeping and bearing of arms by private individuals.

Still, the anti-gun people keep whining about guns. At this point the debate is mostly over. There will be edge cases to consider for years. Machine guns? Semi-auto artillery with HE rounds?

While I think the above response is more than acceptable, I think my response to these losers will be more along the lines of, “Stop whining. You lost this debate in SCOTUS in June 2022. The game is over.”


5 thoughts on “No more debate

  1. I wish I shared your confidence…
    But I’d save the rhetorical bombs and keep trying to move people to our side. Obviously, not everyone is going to grok personal Liberty, maybe they occasional “loser” lobbing is gonna feel good. But we need people to vote to restore personal liberty as a priority to the legislative branch(es). We can’t be mounting half million – 3 million dollar court battles everytime some “leader” in New Jersey runs a fund raiser letter about “gun safety”(tm) and needs a bill to headline with. Yes, it’s comforting that our half to 3m battles are going to win… but as long as we’re electing people who want to whittle away at it we’ll be seeing headlines about SCOTUS “needing change”(tm) and other useless tripe.
    Let’s change the minds of the folks who are at least within site of “the fence” on Liberty.

    • I am an optimist. Perhaps too much so.

      That said, I think a more efficient cure for those sorts of politicians is prosecution, conviction, and harsh sentences. Again, perhaps overly optimistic that will ever happen.

  2. We are a nation of laws.
    The Rule of Law is the cornerstone of every successful nation in the history of mankind.

    Would you bet your life that we live in a society where the Rule of Law is established and adhered to?

  3. “Stop whining. You lost this debate in SCOTUS in June 2022. The game is over.”
    True, but irrelevance is hard, Joe. Soro or Bloomberg cutting their funding is not something they can live with. It was their retirement plan.
    Desperation is what we need to watch for. Communist concepts rarely die quietly.
    And just like thinking the global warming debate was done and over when the facts were submitted to a candid world.
    It just morphed into something even dumber and more evil. And is now the caucus belle for mass-murder.
    We only need to remember Obama and Holder running guns to cartels to understand were dealing with some very evil, ignorant little creatures here.

  4. To the left the SCOTUS and their ‘rulings’ are just like the Constitution. A
    curiosity to be ignored when doing so is convenient for their agenda.

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