No concept of overstating things

You have to wonder how they imagine people will take them seriously when they say things like this:

The Supreme Court’s conservative majority is a threat to the world

The Supreme Court spent recent weeks triggering political and legal earthquakes across America. But its latest audacious blow could affect the entire planet.

After advancing the Republican Party’s agenda by overturning the federal right to an abortion and loosening gun laws, the conservative court majority built by former President Donald Trump on Thursday limited the government’s capacity to fight climate change.

In a 6-3 ruling, the justices held that US law did not give the Environmental Protection Agency the authority to set caps on planet-warming emissions from power plants.

The lies are so outrageous they are funny!

I regard the fact that the legacy media and the politicians they support get away with such extreme lies more of a threat than anything SCOTUS has the power to do.


5 thoughts on “No concept of overstating things

  1. twits are twits and shitheads are shitheads. it is as simple as that.

  2. Pretty soon they will be unable walk back their lies.

    When that happens things will get really ugly.

  3. It makes perfect sense if you remember that the left hasn’t been able to get what they want through representative politics. So in the past several decades they have gotten it via the back door of judicial fiat. They are apoplectic because supporters of the Constitution have figured out their scam and have closed that door.

  4. And your absolutely right about the lies. Climate change being their biggest. As CO2 in the one thing that actually gives live on this planet. (And they call it a pollution.)
    Witness the Netherlands and NO2 gas limitations. Nitrogen makes up 78% of the atmosphere, N2. And when a car or tractor renders it through heat and compression to form NO2. That same action creates CO2 and H2O.
    NO2 is very unstable. And as soon as it contacts H2O. It forms acidic compounds like Nitric acid. HNO3. (Which rot your tailpipes and muffler.) Which are liquid at STP. (Standard temperature and pressure.)
    And actually act as a source of fixed nitrogen fertilizer once they clear your tailpipe.
    The same with the SO2 gasses produced with the combustion of hydrocarbons in any engine.
    The amounts being so small it’s not worth the mention. (Otherwise, a non-stainless-steel tailpipe wouldn’t last an hour.)
    But here we go wanting to starve people to death with a lie.
    I’m glad to see people are waking up to the insanity that ruining the world.
    The overreach is going into full swing.

  5. Takeaway; The U.S. constitution is a threat to the very survival of the planet and everyone on it. So it’s a Laudato Si world governed by Rerum Novarum and Fratelli Tutti principles and mindset.

    We could refine that slightly further with this;
    The precepts, law, and principles of liberty (which, by the way, are fully understood by the Romish left) are a threat to the very survival of the world. Wonderful and beautiful as they admittedly are, they MUST give way to the “common good”. Given that millions, and possibly billions, of people now actually believe that, what comes next? Well, you’re about to find out so I’ll spare you the detailed Biblical prophesies.

    The more difficult-to-comprehend part of all of this is that the bolded statement above is quite literally true, insofar as, a) God’s law is the perfect law of liberty and, b) it is God who will destroy this earth and build another. HE is the master of “the great reset”, or the “new world order” if you will, and the evil worldly powers merely lust for, and mock, his authority. And so the deception in the world is much more subtle and clever than most can imagine at this juncture.

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