Quote of the day—Kathy Griffin @kathygriffin

It’s the semi automatic weapons. They have to go. My god, think of how low that bar is.

Kathy Griffin @kathygriffin
Tweeted on May 27, 2022
[Don’t ever let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.—Joe]


9 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Kathy Griffin @kathygriffin

  1. It’s more clear by the day that a physical and political separation between the worldviews held by our population is necessary, at least if we want to avoid becoming the next Yugoslavia.

    Jeff B.

    • I want to see a physical separation between us and them. Specifically, us above ground and them below.

      • They want the same distance. But they want the polarity reversed.

        Neither side really wants to pay the price.

    • So we could rephrase the quote;
      ”It’s the leftists, papists, Jesuits and other enemies of liberty.. They have to go. My god, think of how low that bar is.”

      The Reformation ended once enough of the Protestants had fled to the Americas, and the Europeans (particularly with the help of Napoleon) had reduced the papacy to seeming impotency, and it is now all but forgotten. And yeah; that was not such a low bar. But the problem has since been reborn and rebuilt whilst we were all looking elsewhere.

  2. I do wish the people who talk so much about semi-automatic weapons would have some knowledge of what a semi-automatic weapon is.

    • It’s possible they don’t know what semi-auto weapons are, i.e., that it describes most of the world’s guns. (I’ve pointed out that DA revolvers are, by the operational definition, “semi auto” also.)
      Then again, it’s also possible she and others know perfectly well, and that yes indeed, she wants to confiscate almost all our guns.

  3. Oh, come on Kathy. We both know no one in your dizzy-headed little world would want to stop at just taking semi-autos.
    It wouldn’t be ten minutes before you started whining about sniper weapons and speed loaders.
    Proof you have not a clue: Do you know how many semi-autos there are in the hands of people that aren’t going to give them up? Couldn’t care less about what laws you communists pass? Millions more than can be mustered to take them.
    That low bar you refer to is better equipped, smarter, and almost pissed off enough to do something.
    Poor Kathy. Clueless commie idiot. Just snap your fingers, and click your heels, and it’s done!
    Stalin and Mao would be brimming with pride at you. (If they’re not on spits slow roasting that is.)

  4. There is truly no limit to one’s imagination when one is unburdened by practicalities, basic scientific principles, respect for other people’s hard-won liberties, logistical concerns, mathematics…

    As usual with anti-gun people, Kathy can imagine a “low bar” because what truly factual information she possesses is overwhelmed by a sea of counter-factual notions. She’ll call for “commonsense™”, which all the fact-laden community can tell is a trademark of the anti-civil-rights conspirators set.

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