I like living in the future:

Researchers have rejuvenated a 53-year-old woman’s skin cells so they are the equivalent of a 23-year-old’s.

The scientists in Cambridge believe that they can do the same thing with other tissues in the body.

The eventual aim is to develop treatments for age-related diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and neurological disorders.


12 thoughts on “Rejuvenation

  1. Can they turn my 52 year old knee cells into 22 year old knee cells? Because my skin is fine. It’s my knees that need help.

    • The answer is a qualified yes.

      If you are referring to the meniscus, then they have been experimentally growing new a new meniscus from stem cells in the knees for at least 15 years. There were only a couple doctors in the U.S. doing it. A year ago I heard it was more widespread and, it sounded like, it was no longer consider experimental. It cost (IIRC) less than $2,000/knee.

  2. Ya, great. Just what we need. Soro, Gates, and Bezo living to 150.
    But notice how he talked about “health span”, instead of lifespan? Not quite sure, but I believe Dolly grew-up and died quickly. As her cells somehow knew how old they were. And her growth processes continued until she reached the same age her host was.
    No matter. It would be great to be able to help some truly injured people.
    I’m just always leery of humans.
    And its great time to remember that were going to be rejuvenated soon anyway. For on this day, he has risen!
    (Sorry Joe, I couldn’t help myself.)
    And if your in a gun-free zone. Maybe quicker than you would like?
    (Every time I find myself in one. I ask where the guns are. They always give me a weird looks. I mean nothing free is really worth having. Unless maybe it’s a 1911, right? They never seem to have any!)

    • Good vid. But I wish people would drop all the dramatic music. It just spoils the message.
      Pretty funny listening to someone talk about playing god. Without a lick of understanding of who he is. Boy is he in for a surprise.

  3. I’m enough of a grump to think that 30 to 50 more years of life won’t be all that worth it when it’s 30 to 50 years of being 70.

    I think I’ll hold out for the technology to keep a 27 year old at 27 for 30 to 50 years. What would you do with the wisdom of a 50 year old and the ability to bounce after taking a spill skiing, stay up all night (work or play) and still make it through work the next day, and zip your 30” waist trousers closed and still have room for your IWB holster?

  4. The only people who will be able to afford this is the uber rich. We have MORE than enough people on this planet already. Till we as a species sack up and start dealing with the problems we already have from breeding far too many useless people this new tech will only make things worse.

    • I say screw that notion.

      If the process is open to the uber-rich, let them have it. The moderate rich will want it, then the nouveau-rich, then finally it will be within the middle class’s reach simply because the economics of scale will drive it all down.

      There is only one thing to be cautious of: if the rich artificially create a scarcity that prevent the availability from filtering downwards.

      We don’t need to worry about “too many people on the planet”. The growth curve has already inverted. Western nations do not breed at replacement levels, and China is going to implode. I don’t expect English-speaking India is going to do much better., and they’re already a caste unto themselves.

      Will the welfare state promise the life extending process to the “useless”, as you say? Probably, and probably with no quid pro quo of work or balancing public value. That’ll torpedo the welfare state even better than they’re doing now.

      • The funny thing is we already have examples from the old testament of folks living to 900 years or better.
        Boredom wipes them out. At that point even power, money, and control won’t entertain them.
        Cyber space is a bad joke.
        The earth, humanity, is far to limiting for the human imagination. Even space travel won’t help. One could spend a thousand years traveling in a tin can only to end up in a place just as limited as the one you left. Or more so.
        CTMU is the only way out.
        Ask the smartest man on earth. Chris Langan.

        • I have two grandchildren on the way who’s parents will be surprised when I tell them they were made sterile when they were vaccinated.

          I expect there will be a mini baby boom in the next year.

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