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I think you should look in the mirror.  Skip over the baldness and look for the absence of your soul.  You are a bad bad human, with low personal standards.  And very few dignified interests. Lets get you on the FBI watch list!

marissaBoda @marissaboda
Tweeted on March 9, 2022
[This was brought about because I made this blog post: No one needs an AR-15 or AK-47 and a link was posted on twitter. Then someone (who has since blocked me) started whining about “the children”, “no one needs an assault rifle for their sport”, etc. etc.. I responded with:

1) It is a Bill of Rights, not NEEDS.
2) The 2nd Amendment is not about sports.
3) Large numbers of Ukrainian civilians would vehemently disagree with you about the need, but they are too busy to explain it to you as they are shooting Russians with their assault rifles.

They began insulting me rather than address my points. I laughed at them and pointed out the errors of their assumptions about me, and then I got blocked.

marissaBoda took over from the person who blocked me (I have a strong suspicion it is the same person with a different account) and the insults continued. The one above is probably my all time favorite. It is so completely lacking in connection with reality that I find it hilarious. My next favorite insult of all time was also completely wrong, but was a plausible extrapolation of factual data. It went something like:

You are a bomb making, pornography making, gun nut.

I would like to add marissaBoda @marissaboda to the list of examples of the political left believing their fantasy’s are true and/or projecting their own flaws on others.

And remember, this is what they think of you.—Joe]


9 thoughts on “Quote of the day—marissaBoda @marissaboda

  1. It is illuminating, isn’t it, when they do not address your logical arguments and skip right ahead to personal insults.

    One can assume that, if they could address your arguments logically, they would.

    It is not necessary to point out that such people almost always engage in projection — what they accuse you of is almost inevitably more true of them than it is for you. No, it is sufficient to point out that you were not being personal or insulting, but that they chose to start down that road. This invalidates their so-to-speak arguments, in the eyes of any others who may be reading.

    • Haven’t you heard?

      Logic and reason are just racist, white, patriarchal constructs, and they hold no bearing in the current year.

      The above seems like a joke, but it isn’t.

      • Yes. I’ve heard that. And they crossed the line with that claim. I will respond appropriately.

  2. Ms. Boda doesn’t think that someone who owns and runs Boomershoot every year isn’t already on the FBI watchlist? (it’s probably their favorite undercover duty every year.) One can hear it now. Ya, boss, the entire HRT team needs travel expenses to go up and keep an eye on all those white supremist nut-jobs up in Idaho. We’ll be needing an extra amount of LR ammo for this one….. If we don’t shoot, how we going to blend in?
    Or that with a little peek into his writings, that the FBI probably contracts with his company for their own cyber-security? (Unless they already contracted that out to China.)
    And after voting for Biden/Harris, Marissa has the unmitigated ignorance to call someone else on, “low personal standards”.
    Joe, this is top shelve entertainment, thanks!

    • I have chats with the FBI every once in a while. Sometimes they initiate the contact with me. Other times they stop by the office at work to discuss something. Other times work related conversations take place in the Federal building in downtown Seattle. Sometimes it will be an off-duty FBI agent shooting at an USPSA match.

      I would just as soon have enough contact with them that they figure they can just give me a call to chat about something rather than starting the conversation by throwing a flash-bang through my shattered front door*.

      Watch list? I don’t really know. Yeah, I’ve got a rather high profile, but I don’t think my age, income, net worth, the people I associate with (lots of former cops and military people at work), marital status, etc. fit the profile for someone at high risk of criminal activity.

      * I have a vision of how that conversation go down. “Hah, hah, hah! That’s not a flash-bang… BOOM! That’s a flash-bang.”
      That’s not a knife.

      • Low risk of criminal activity but high risk of unapproved political activity/contacts which they spend a lot of time on these days.

      • Ya, that was my sentiment. The FBI is already well aware of who and what you are and do. And that your not a problem.
        Ms. Boda’s type can only project their own fear on everyone else.
        I for one invite their scrutiny. (Nothing screws up an FBI investigator like being bored out of his mind.)
        I can hear the SWAT team now. When they hear it’s your address. Isn’t it your turn to be the breacher, Bob? I’m sure it is.
        And boss, can we rethink that whole stack in front of the door thing on this one? In fact I’m not feeling to good. Must have been something I ate. You guys go ahead without me, don’t worry, I’ll be fine.
        That ain’t a knife, indeed!

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