Midway USA Birthday Pricing

A fair amount of my online gun related purchases are from Midway USA. The prices are reasonable, the shipping is quick and the selection is excellent.

They also have something I haven’t seen other places. This is Birthday Pricing:

This fantastic program is available to you once per year to help you celebrate your special day.  Your special promotion code is activated 7 days prior to your date of birth and expires 7 days after, or once it has been used.

It is a nice bonus that I took advantage of this year to purchase a set of steel targets for my new gun range. I had planned to wait until next spring but I was shopping for something else and the alert about Birthday Pricing popped up when I visited the Midway USA site. I thought about it some and then a couple days later decided I probably wasn’t going to get a better price on a complete set of Steel Challenge targets. Last weekend I put them in a dry place for the winter:



2 thoughts on “Midway USA Birthday Pricing

  1. Sweet buy! Good grable on midway’s part. And the internet functioning as it should. Very good!

  2. I have a very limited budget, so I consider the annual e-mail from Midway an excuse to restock ammo or increase my magazine supply. (Honey, I’m getting a special discount!”

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