2 thoughts on “Printing will continue

  1. Communists are persistent if nothing else. Think they will ever realize that cat is out of the bag? Guns are here to stay.
    I guess that’s good. As they can be counted on to fight to the last. It makes them easy to identify.

  2. Wow! Lots of good comments over there. And, as of this writing, not one in support of the authoritarian, papist-Marxist, fascist OP.

    Whenever I see a leftist use the word “courage” I take it to mean, “courage to keep lying in spite of the fact that Dan Rather, along with the network that employed him, got caught lying red-handed”. That was Rather’s parting word, “Courage”, and that’s exactly what he meant. “Keep up the fight against the truth, fearlessly and at all cost.”

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