Headline writer is a liar

The headline reads Kyle Rittenhouse verdict violates these 5 standards for claiming self-defense. But if you read the actual article you will not find any such claim.

You can find errors in the article, such as in the Zimmerman/Martin case it is claimed the Florida Stand Your Ground law was an issue. But the writer doesn’t make the false claim the headline writer does.

I have to believe someone was making a deliberate effort to deceive the public and liable Rittenhouse.


One thought on “Headline writer is a liar

  1. I couldn’t read it all, (stomach trouble). But the writer based their opening on Binger saying, ” you can’t claim self-defense against actions you provoke.”
    Ooh, really? If open carry is a provocation to commit violence against the carrier.
    Try that on a cop walking down the street.
    Then wearing provocative clothing is an invitation to legal rape?
    And oh the wife beatings.
    Binger’s clown world is all about excusing criminal behavior for politics. And only someone with an MSM IQ would think otherwise.

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