This is what they think of you

Via email from Rolf:


I’m sure that will convince everyone of the righteousness of their cause. They can’t convince people with words so they just need to change the means of persuasion.

Prepare and respond appropriately.—Joe]


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  1. “An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up [her] acts with [her] life.” — Robert Heinlein

    I have nothing to add to that.

  2. That FFL is in Alabama.

    ‘shopped image of a fake message for a meme, or simply truly stupid?

    The third entry I saw for “Manley Tactical Arms” in DuckDuckGo is a link to that specific image at Makes me think “stupid meme for stupid people”.

  3. The lack of self-control or impulsive actions are EXACTLY why libtards should not have access to firearms. It is also why they use projection on the normal and typically non-violent gun owners, because they can’t control themselves they think we can’t either. It is the low information voting libtards with weapons that need to be red-flagged.

    People like that should redirect their rage towards the commies destroying our country, not those that refuse the experimental jab.

  4. …and this sort of thing is why I was worried when we heard about liberals starting to buy guns in record numbers.

    For the most part I’m glad to welcome any responsible, reasonably centered person into the 2A community. But, I’ve met too many liberals who decry guns as evil tools and seemed to really believe that owning one would make them foamy-mouthed killers.

    I wouldn’t deny them their right to own a gun, but I would worry about them.

  5. If she only knew that according to the patents office no one in the world has been “vaccinated” against Covid-19. As mRNA cannot CURE anything. Therefor it could not be patented as a vaccine. At least that’s what Dr. Fraudci was told when he tried to get one.
    The fact that liberals are buying guns is actually funny. It’s like handing them a pair of nunchakus, or a David and Goliath sling. (The trick is to watch from a safe distance.)
    The forming up of the ‘Not fucking Around army” comes to mind. All dressed up. Formed up all bad-ass. With no trigger control and manage to shoot a couple of morons standing next to you. Then call the cops and emt’s you want to de-fund.
    Lets hope Christies salesperson told her to just put the front sight in the middle of the little TV and it should work just fine. God help the neighborhood.

    • Huh? Vaccines, as a rule, don’t cure, they prevent.
      As for not being able to get a patent, I don’t understand what you’re talking about. Vaccines are certainly patentable, and for the case of mRNA ones that seems to be particularly obvious. What does Fauci have to do with patents? He’s not an inventor, he would not be applying for a patent. The people at Moderna would be, and presumably did exactly that.

      I really don’t understand what you’re trying to say, you make no sense.

      • I was going to say this, but you beat me to it.

        There’s a lot of bad information going in, and what comes out wasn’t just bad, but non-sensical.

        We’ve been getting vaccines for the better part of a century. I have no idea why people are so damn afraid of them. They’ve saved countless lives. They’ve saved mine, most likely. I damn near died of pneumonia about 12 years ago, and was told that with my condition (autoimmune stuff), if I got it again, which was likely if I got a particularly bad flu, that I was going to be in dire straits.

        So I get a flu vaccine and a pneumonia vaccine every year. Haven’t had either one since, and I’m still drawing breath.

        If they wanted to put the nanobots in you, they didn’t need to wait for COVID. We’ve most of us had scores of vaccinations in our lives. Why wait for COVID?

        If you’re concerned about mRNA, don’t be. Nobody that I’m aware of with any decent credentials in this sort of thing is.

        Furthermore, the J&J vaccine isn’t mRNA, anyway, so get that one if you think you know more than them about phantom scaries that are going to kill you.

        Also, if anyone is worried about this being some big conspiracy, such as a population control measure (the vaccines are designed to kill people via spike proteins or 5G or whatever the fuck), consider this:

        The more people involved in a conspiracy, the less chance you have of it being successful. This is why I never considered the 9/11 truthers to be even remotely honest about their convictions. Such a conspiracy would have necessarily involved thousands, and more probably tens of thousands of people being in on it. That’s simply not possible. The person that came forward first could drive the narrative, and would be hailed as a hero… and yet… nobody did. Out of thousands.

        Now, with the COVID Vaxx conspiracy, you’d be essentially required to have every trained medical professional on the fucking planet to be in on it. Or at least every doctor. Or at VERY least, every doctor with a passing knowledge of protein metabolism and so forth. You’re literally talking about MILLIONS of people.

        And why? Are they all on board with depopulating the Earth? Every one? Or is Moderna going to pay off MILLIONS of doctors to secure their profits? Does that sound profitable to you?

        None of it makes any goddamned sense. Every one of these “conspiracy” theories surrounding the vax relies on MILLIONS of people willing to do harm (oh, yeah, and most, if not all of them, have taken the fucking vax, so there’s that, too).

        If you don’t want to get the vax, then don’t, with my full support. But stop spreading bullshit about them.

        • Go look at the numbers in Australia. The Covid “vaccine” (which doesn’t prevent you from getting, transmitting, or dying of the disease) has a higher death rate than the disease itself.

      • Go look up; The Manufactured Illusion. By Dr. David Martin. Look up his company M-Cam. He gives you the patent numbers.
        As for vaccines preventing rather than curing. Your absolutely correct. But then mRNA isn’t even preventing anything, is it?
        Goob. Got no problems with vaccines. Just big Pharma.

  6. I have yet to hear a cogent argument for how the non-vaxed are any threat whatsoever to the vaxed. If you trust that the vax is protecting you, you’d not have a care in the world because you’re supposed to be immune. But that wouldn’t do, so then another argument had to be fabricated, which says that the non-vaxed are “breeding grounds” for variants (eeew, yucky people!). But that makes no more sense than the first illogical assertion, because if the vaxed are susceptible to variants then they’re “breeding grounds” as much as the non-vaxed, and if they’re not susceptible then they’re safe and have no reason to care.

    It’s all hype designed to promote hate and revulsion of one another. Nothing else has changed– Flu seasons have been around, killing the susceptible, for all of human history and they always will be. You can get a vaccine every year and still get the flu as my mom did, while her children who never got flu shots came down with far fewer cases. It’s all about the individual and always has been. Take your government injections (no doubt they always tell the truth, always have your best interests at heart, and never have an ulterior motive, right?) and leave me alone, stay out of my face, and keep your fears and revulsion of your fellow man to yourself. Better yet; get psychological help.

    If the federal government came out tomorrow with a statement saying that fire is hot, and water is wet, I’d immediately start looking for the ulterior motive and the nefarious, self-serving conclusions soon to follow.

    And you will all notice that the early assertions that lockdowns were only to “flatten the curve” have been abandoned and reformatted to fit the circumstances, so government can continue to be important. The notion of “heard immunity” is abandoned too, because heard immunity would mean they’d have to piss off and find something else to use as an excuse to grab power. And they’re never, ever, going to piss off because this all about bringing the world into their new (old) system.

    Once you realize that “peace and safety” are not, and never were, the goals of the powers that be, it becomes fairly easy to predict their general behavior.

    And so I predict (because they never deviate from this general model) that they’ll play the schmamdemic game for all it’s worth, beating it like a long dead, rotting corpse of a horse, and then make up something else as a dire emergency necessitating special temporary powers so as to continue the consolidation of their global system. Like the Terminator, it will never, ever stop. I further predict that most of you will be arguing over the irrelevant technical details of whatever is put n front of you by the news programmers, while all of this continues to happen. You will thus fail to ever acknowledge the “man behind the curtain” as it were, and will lash out against anyone who tries to direct your attention to the overall scam until it becomes utterly impossible to deny it (which may be never, because the human capacity for denial is strong, creative and highly adaptive).

    • But, they *are* a threat, Lyle. Mainly to their feewings. The vaccinated demand external validation of their choice. Unvaccinated people are denying them that validation, so they cannot be allowed (or at least, cannot be allowed in polite society). If they won’t provide validation by submitting to the vaccine, the power structure provides an even more powerful form of validation by forcibly excluding them from society. This version is more powerful, because the vaxxed actually *need* some population of unvaxxed (whether they realize it or not), because their existence means that there is a population of other people they can sneer at.

  7. I suggest gathering these screeds, replacing “unvaccinated” with Jews or infidels and seeing how they read

  8. This is someone who NEEDS a ‘red flag’ raid to take their guns away…..but it isn’t going to happen because they are part of the APPROVED political sect.

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