Quote of the day—Kim

Gun powder and sunshine make me nostalgic.

April 29, 2021
[Daughter Kim was at the Boomershoot staff dinner last night. At the table with us were Tim and T.J.

Tim told a story about his mom making homemade bread and he didn’t really appreciate and realize big of a deal it was that she did that. When he was young he didn’t want to eat it because he wanted bread just like the other kids at school had. When he was in the last couple years of high school he liked it because it tasted so good. His mom died on the same day he graduated from high school. Because he was still young and wasn’t fully aware of how special that homemade bread was he had never told her that he appreciated it.

Kim then asked me, “Do you remember how when I was young you would take me to the matches at the Lewiston Pistol Club?”

“Uhh… yeah.”

“Well, now, gun powder and sunshine make me nostalgic. I told someone at work about this and they said I need to tell you. I hadn’t done it yet. Tim’s story reminded of that.”

There was a bit of a pause and then T.J. said, “She’s a keeper.”—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Kim

  1. Oh man, walking into grandma’s house you were hit with the smell of baking homemade yeast bread! The heal slice, slathered in butter was a meal by it’s self. Throw in a bowl of soup and you were carb loaded for the rest of the day!
    My granny use to run a logging cook shack. Her meals gave you PTSD. In a good way.

  2. “Gunpowder and Sunshine”. Surely that should be the name of a band, or the title of an album, or a book, or a web domain. Maybe you or your daughter should see about registering that domain name right away.

    Is John Denver still kicking? If so, you should look into partnering with him to write a song with that name;

    Gunpowder and sunshine
    In the mor…ning make me happy…

    If not Denver, then perhaps Blake Shelton would take the job. You know, all Americana, about a father and daughter, bonding, and blowing up things on sunny days.

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