Boomershoot Live is back up

I had problems with the Boomershoot weather station and web cam for the last few months. There were some power issues in January (not enough solar), a web cam died, gophers ate a power cable, and then the webcam went sideways:


Last weekend I got everything is working again just in time for Boomershoot 2021. Here is a picture from this evening


Everything is looking good.


7 thoughts on “Boomershoot Live is back up

  1. Hey Joe. When you build your bunker. Are you going to run it off induction power from those powerlines? Could you use concertina wire, or a straight wire for that?
    My friend was in the peace corp. in India back in the day. Said the locals use to steal power like that all the time.
    Anyway, thanks for the web cam. It’s nice to watch the changes of season in different places. I visit the one at Pedro Bay, AK.(lake Iliamna in S.W. Alaska) alot. I’ll add Boomershoot to my daily Zen cycle. Help calm the beast!

  2. “induction power from those powerlines” That idea scares me spitless. Got a source for plans? Personally, anything between 0 and +5v is fine; things that hum and crackle give me the willies.

    I presume that black square in both screenshots is a dead pixel?

    • To test the concept take a florescent light tube, walk underneath the power lines, and stick one end in the ground with the other end straight up. Instant light (and theft of services). I don’t have a source for plans. I have a couple degrees in electrical engineering. If I were to build my bunker underneath the lines I might consider designing a back up power system just for the fun of it. But I wouldn’t use it for my everyday power.

      The black square in both screenshots and on the live cam is not a dead pixel. I’ve been waiting for someone to notice. That is WAY too large for a single pixel. That is me hiding the gift from President Biden. I’ll probably reveal it on the web cam after everyone attending sees it and the event is over. I really don’t want to talk about it on the ‘net though.

      • Thanks for the quick reply. I think I’ll stay the hell away from any fields big enough to wirelessly juice a fluorescent. One of my 2nd-year electronics instructors had a couple of interesting stories about theft of services when he was an investigator for a power company. Moral: they WILL catch you.

        I thought that block was awfully big.

          • Thanks for the link. Interesting. My takeaway: nope, nope, nope, no way I’m trying that! The Hyderabad photo gave me goosebumps.

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