Some things never change

Communists will be communists and do what communists do. The following newspaper clippings came from my hometown paper of almost 104 years ago. Via Brother Doug:


Click on the picture to get a high resolution image that you might be able to actually read. Or better yet, download it and open it in something you can enlarge it still more.

This was my great grandfather’s response:


As Brother Doug pointed out (I would add cities to the list of things they want to destroy):

The leftists were just as destructive 100 years ago as they are today. 
Back then they wanted to burn the crops.  Today they want to destroy the dams.  “IWW” stands for Industrial Workers of the World.  Grandpa Carey said, “boys and girls will patrol the entire section on horseback.”  His oldest son was only 16 at the time.  His oldest daughters, Ada, 23, Sadie, 20 and Pet, 18, were likely part of the patrol.

Sadie was my grandmother. At that time she, Ada, and Pet owned the land where Boomershoot is held.


4 thoughts on “Some things never change

  1. In the; Latah Co. fights the IWW section of the paper we read that. The IWW is well financed from the outside. As always, Their not so communist after all. Paid mercenaries and useful idiots, trying to pull off an American version of Holodomor.
    Wonder what Antifa/BLM have planned this year? They have the press and political cover this time around.

  2. And taking down dams is one of the most destructive things I’ve ever witnessed.
    They took out a small dam on the Rogue river called Gold Ray dam. Built in early 1900’s. It was a very small dam. But the Rogue was chocolate brown mess all the way to the coast for the whole summer.
    Like I told a lefty. If fish can live through that. There ain’t no dam going to stop them. On top of that, it destroyed wetlands habitat for all the creatures around the area. Fish, mammal, and bird. And left it a barren dry mess that will only grow brush. Someday.
    Dropping even one of those dams on the Snake river will be a down stream nightmare of biblical proportions.
    As for fish, the lie is that the wild fish are dying out. Has anyone considered that the only difference in a wild salmon, and a hatchery salmon, is that they clip their rear fin at the hatchery so you can tell them apart?
    Otherwise the world has witnessed the fastest genetic mutation on record?
    The 33 billion that’s proposed for dam removal would produce fish for the next thousand years. By producing and releasing more smolts. That and stopping Chinese, Japanese, and Russian gill netters from raping our coasts.
    And no one even starts talking about how many bird whacking windmills it will take to replace the 1100 to 3800 megawatts being produced and consumed?
    At 1 megawatt each. That’s a pike of 3800 new windmills? And how many times have we seen them all working at once?
    To say nothing of no wind days?
    The left is a educationally inbred death cult.

  3. My Dad referred to the IWW as the “I Won’t Work” and had a total disdain for the “Wobblies”.

  4. Gee, you mean they had moronic conspiracy theories 100 years ago? Who woulda guessed…….

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