Quote of the day—NRA @NRA

[Or just have an honest relationship with your spouse and put the gun you want on your wish list.—Joe]


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  1. Yeah; no need to invoke pagan spirits.

    Men; when your wives are no longer in charge of your minor purchasing decisions, then you will have become the husband (caretaker and protector) of the family. Not before. But it’s you that will have changed. Not her.

    Too many men look for, and find, a second mother figure rather than a wife. The failure lies solely on the man, but the woman enters the relationship by her own choice nonetheless. I’ve had relatively short conversations with customers who use something like “if my wife would let me” several times. The metric, “If it were prudent” or “if it makes sense” never seems to come to mind. And so it’s a child, in essence, doing the speaking. We all fail in this manner, to some degree, however,

    If we can’t get the marriage/family home part right, we certainly have no right to expect the society as a whole to be better, as the former is the foundation of the latter. In other words; if you’re not in charge of your own house, and if you can’t make it a peaceful, honorable and productive coexistence, then on what basis should you expect your society at large to be any better? In other words; as goes the family, so goes the nation.

    • An old pastor told me once. It’s in the nature of woman. If you give them an inch, they think their a ruler.
      And indeed, you will find many men have the same problem. It’s a large part of the human condition. And a struggle you ignore to your peril and happiness.
      Such has been the patient suffering of these colonies. For absolutism and tyranny stem from this same paradigm.

    • I’ve never been married, so take this with a grain of salt. But I think that could be a common euphemism for “I want it, but I don’t have the scratch right now.”

  2. A conversation with my ex, on firearms;
    Ex, do you really NEED another gun? Me, OK, let’s start in your bathroom. Move through the bedrooms, living room, kitchen, and out to the driveway. And discuss the things we HAVE. Versus what we NEED.
    After five seconds of thought. Ex, No need for that, you go buy all the guns you want!
    Thanks baby! My new year resolution will be to shoot that 44 as much as possible!

  3. That might work, but you can’t buy a box of primers and do that.
    New record for me. I received an “in stock” email from MidwayUSA for small pistol primers. I clicked on it more or less instantly, and it was already out of stock, no ETA on restock. So in something between 5 seconds and my email “check for new mail” refresh cycle, they all disappeared, sold out. Not a good time to be a buyer.

    • That’s because most go to the salesman’s friends. They tell you it’s in so you will stay hooked up on the internet. Think Publisher’s clearing house sweepstakes for primers. Don’t stop, now!

  4. I’m amazed at how often the NRA outdoes it’s own stupidity!

    Lyle: Most men, and almost all women, think that what women sit on, rules the world. She who controls the gold, controls the gold…

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