What bias?

From Newsweek:

the man was serving as a safety officer in a United States Practical Shooting Association competition when he was struck by “accidental discharge from a competitor’s firearm.”

The shooting comes just two months after a separate incident involving firearms in New York State, which left two people dead and 14 others injured.

The September 19 incident, a mass shooting, took place in the city of Rochester and saw a man and a woman killed in what was described as a “tragedy of epic proportions” by then-acting police chief Mark Simmons.

I find it quite telling they conflate an accidental shooting with a criminal mass shooting.


9 thoughts on “What bias?

    • Actually, it looks like they put quotes around a quote. That’s proper use of quotation marks (assuming the words thus enclosed are indeed the exact words said by the person they are attributed to).

      Interesting they didn’t use the proper term (“negligent discharge”).

  1. It is pointless to highlight media bias. We all know it anyway and they don’t care.

    • I still find it incredibly irritating and it makes me feel better to point it out.

      Hence, from my person perspective, it’s not pointless.

      • It’s a subtle but important point that I missed.

        Thanks for pointing it out, Joe!

    • They want to conflate criminal shootings and regular gun owners as both dangerous to society. “See, those irresponsible gun owners can’t even prevent themselves from shooting each other at one of their militia training events!”. We need to ban practical shooting sports as too dangerous to partake in and also suppress their anti-government, anti-authority undertones.

      They do care. The association is very deliberate on their part.
      Otherwise they wouldn’t relate the two unrelated events as having a common thread of “gun” and “shot”. That is the seed they want to plant in reader’s minds: that gun owners are irresponsible and if they are shooting each other, they’ll shoot you too. Just like your local criminals.

      I have witnessed precisely one gun-related injury other than the hot brass dance or a little slide bite and that was at Boomershoot. And the reaction from that was not panic or soul-searching but everyone helping out and making sure all involved was ok.

      The soul-searching came later but boiled down to “Sometimes bad things happen and are unpreventable. But everyone went home, no one got sued, a good time was had by all and make sure your muzzle brakes are timed correctly.”. Thank God there was no hostile media there that year.

  2. Keep pointing it out, Joe – and it would be useful for every blogger to do so as well – because without constantly highlighting the media’s bias and falsifying too many people will be lulled into normalcy bias.

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