Did the laptop email issue disappear?

I have to wonder what happened to the active FBI investigation over Biden money laundering.

One would think that at least Kamala Harris would be interesting in seeing that case brought to fruition.


5 thoughts on “Did the laptop email issue disappear?

  1. The investigation into Biden isn’t going anywhere….it was doomed from the start.
    Now that he is the presumed POTUS ALL Evidence that ANY Fed agency has will “disappear” into the black hole of the swamp. As for Horizontal Harris wanting this to be followed through on…… why? She’s going to be the POTUS when Slow Joe either steps down or is removed via the 25th Amendment. It’s a virtual certainty that she will be in power by Easter. Why rock the boat.

    • Yeah, I agree – no way Biden finishes his term, so why expose Democrat corruption? She probably will want to tap into that gravy train herself.

        • I’d like to believe you but the ONLY path Trump has to winning now REQUIRES that a judge(s) invalidate a shit ton of ballots that are blatantly fraudulent. That’s not likely to happen. The Nevada GOP filed suit to have thousands of defective ballots invalidated. District Court Judge Andrew Gordon…..a San FagFreakShow native and Obama appointee……dismissed the suit. Expect THAT to be the typical outcome of Trump’s legal manuevering. The left has had 2 decades to build the cheating machine and 4 years to plot and plan on how to steal THIS ELECTION. They aren’t going to be out done by some legal beagles filing paperwork.

  2. It has to go away. Or they all go to jail. All this in your face criminal crap is because they got caught flat-footed with the Hillary loss.
    They never thought they would have to cover something up if it was never brought up?
    Our problem is were not part of the club. To them, all this criminal activity is life in general. Murder, lies, vote fraud. that’s normal, in the bag, run of the mill, business as usual. Law is how YOUR controlled. And hubris comes with the territory.
    Trump should have started perp-walking people 20 mins. after being sworn in.
    The price of not doing so is going to leave a mark.

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