From Firearms Policy Coalition @gunpolicy who says,

** GAME ON! ** In our  @gunpolicy Mller v. Becerra lawsuit challenging California’s ban on so-called “assault weapons”, Judge Benitez today ordered an accelerated bench trial for January 21, 2021. FUND http://AR15LAWSUIT.COM


GAME ON! Is right!

This is so incredibly awesome! Read more here.

Of particular importance is the judge. Do you recognize that name? Knowing that judge Benitez is presiding over a bench trial on the rights of gun owners should make you swoon. And I expect it will cause an icy chill to flow all the way into the evil hearts of the anti-gun activists.

If you need.a refresher on judge Benitez then read some of these posts.

I, with the matching of my employer, donate over a $1,500 dollars per year to FPC. This is the return on my investment. Please consider donating some as well.


5 thoughts on “GAME ON!

  1. Good reminder. I just signed up for a monthly donation. For info I’m also an SAF supporter. For better or worse, I’m also a Patron support of the NRA, but have become dissatisfied with their conduct and organizational function. The next money they see from me will be after a significant re-organization.

    Jeff B.

  2. I assume the Brady Bunch et. Al are already getting their attorneys on retainer for the inevitable appeal. This is encouraging, but will be wrapped up in court for a decade. Still, it’s always good news!

  3. I am one of the medical experts who has filed declarations in this case. (Pro Bono).
    I believe it is a strong case, with excellent counsel. As you have stated, This is a good place to put our efforts and our money.
    But all will be for naught if we lose the WH and Senate.
    We must win, or it will be in the streets. As a combat veteran, that is not something I ever want to see. But I have never reneged on my oath to The Constitution.

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