Defeat gun control

Via 3Gunner @3GunCompetitor:


And as one of my high school teachers (Andy, who old Orofino Maniacs will remember) was fond of pointing out, in sports if you score one point it takes two to beat it. In this case scoring one point requires three to beat it.


8 thoughts on “Defeat gun control

  1. Ab-sol-freaking-lutely! Thanks for doing all this Joe. Without people like you the rest of us are just waiting in the dark for the other shoe to drop!

  2. At the range again today. Saw several guys who were obviously introducing women to guns for the first time. Judging by appearances, it was a housewife, a couple of daughters, and a girlfriend (not all in the same group 🙂 ), as well as the normal collection of older guys with their various toys. Also, several groups had women who were clearly not first-timers as well, also good to see.

  3. That’s an Oleg Volk photo, I suspect (though I can’t find it in a 5 minute search across his website). The artist should have been credited — why did 3Gunner post that photo without doing the right thing?

      • Thanks Oleg. Glad it doesn’t bother you. I’m a stickler about intellectual property and proper credit, so this sort of thing tends to catch my attention.

  4. 90% of new gun owners this year that would have voted for Biden will be still voting for Biden. All these new gun owners that are Democrats will still overwhelmingly vote Democrat. Simply put guns are not their main voting issue. Probably not even in the top 10.

    • But security to women is. If Trump can connect this violence to the left.(tough job). He will get a lot of liberal votes.
      As an example BLM/REVCOM just burned down a big portion of So. Oregon.
      The commie’s moved in to the traditional homeless spot in Medford and set up homeless camp cooking operation where the where all the Karen’s had been doing it all along.
      When the head Karen confronted the commies about it, and taking the donation money that was for the people that had been burned out. She got told they would follow her home and kill her and her family.
      After she buy’s a gun. Who do think she will vote for? And her friends?
      Communist are a death cult. And if they could win with ideas. They would. All they have is brute force. And that won’t fly in secret ballot elections where soccer mom’s vote. Trumpslide2020!/CW2, and pray it don’t come to my house is the near future.

    • The Democrats aren’t even acting like they need to court their traditional demos: women, minorities (other than the ones in BLM burning things down), union members, boomers, etc.

      The reason that the DNC doesn’t care is because they’re plainly gearing up to steal the election through the use of insecure voting machines, allowing illegals and felons to vote, and by stuffing the ballot boxes with mail in ballots.

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