3 thoughts on “Don’t let this happen here

  1. I have never understood why American conservatives have such love for BoJo. Whacking the EU was a good thing but most of the UK’s problems are self-inflicted and if he intends to do anything positive about that, I have been unable to detect it. Might as well support Macron.

    • In his defense, he has a hell of an uphill road to climb.

      I’ve remarked on this before, but it bears repeating: it’s not just guns that are restricted in Limey-land — it’s self defense. You can literally go to jail for the high crime of breaking a chair over an intruder’s head as he tries to get at your wife. Even gun-hating jurisdictions like the People’s Republic of New Jersey might flinch at trying to prosecute that sort of thing. Not in formerly Great Britain though!

  2. The problem is people left a place to turn in your guns, standing. And hey. If no one’s around to collect them?
    If we only loved freedom enough?

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