They want you dead

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And how is this different than deliberately spreading smallpox to Native Americans* 150 years ago?

* Yes. I know. There isn’t convincing evidence to indicate Native Americans were deliberately infected.


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  1. Councilwoman? Of what?
    The trend a couple of years ago to use syringes as weapons (with a red fluid inside) reminds me of this. For both cases, we’re dealing with threats with deadly weapons, and of course that means self defense with suitable tools is legally (as well as morally) authorized.

    • It warrants a visit from the Secret Service given that the definition of a MAGA rally includes a speech by Trump. Quarantine (detention) of the person until the epidemic is over would be appropriate.

  2. Just being a good leftist. She is the type that would make sure her office had a window so she didn’t have to mingle will the commoners during the daily executions. The leftist keep preaching revolution, however, I do not think it will come out like she thinks it will. Keep your power dry.

  3. The typical lefty always fails to realize that their own tactics are very easily used against them.

    Ergo, if I get sick I’m going to every Dem rally I can find and infecting them all etc etc etc. Well, not really, because I have a job and would need to get well to support my family.

    I’m always amazed that they never see the tactic being used against them. Maybe I should get used to their cognitive dissonance, but I never do.


    • Why bother? Before said lefties come to MAGA events to conduct intentional biological warfare, they’ll have been infecting all their lefty friends and family for the two weeks before they have symptoms. Unless they’re using test kits on a regular basis, by the time they show symptoms, they may be too ill to go to a big gathering, under the care of a doctor and the attention of the .gov health agencies, possibly under legally enforceable orders to be quarantined.

      Don’t worry too much about them actually implementing their mass murder fantasies. This is them preemptively screaming NOOOOOOO at the sky.

      Yeah, they’d be happy if all the non-progressives were neutralized to their satisfaction, but ineptitude and inadequacy are the hallmark of their entire movement.

      • Never underestimate the enemy. Assuming incompetence is a recipe for defeat. If they turn out to be incompetent, well, good, but don’t count on it.

  4. There are laws that apply.
    At this point CoVid 19 counts as a noxious disease.
    Her statement is evidence of deadly intent. It will be useful at her trial.
    And via the doctrine of “Transferred Intent”, anyone she has met who may or may not be one of the hated proponents of liberty has an equal argument that she intended to infect him or her.
    Being a member of “The Resistance” is a B***ch, whether the people you hate use your own tactics back at you, or restrain themselves to appropriate legal actions.

  5. It’s not simply that there’s no evidence of deliberate infection of Native Americans it’s that anyone trying to do it deliberately would’ve had to have been some sort of medical genius since the germ theory of disease was at that time just starting to be considered and was not even close to widely believed by doctors.

  6. There is no evidence, conclusive or otherwise of deliberate infection of Indians. This was a fabrication by Ward Churchill of Little Eichmanns fame. Smallpox is most unlikely to be transmitted via blankets or clothing and generally requires direct contact. In that era, it was lethal to whites as well and would have made a most unsatisfactory bio weapon. The only documented discussion of this was a question by Jeffery Amherst. That would be LORD Amherst, the British commander in North America during the Seven Years War. So anyone persisting with this fiction should be blaming the Brits.

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