Another bad trigger

A little over five years ago I had to replace the trigger in an AR because it would sometime double. A month or so ago I had another AR double on me. I cleaned it and tried it again. Still, it sometimes doubled.

When I took it apart everything looked good. I couldn’t see significant wear like I did with the other trigger that went bad on me. Oh, well.

Last weekend I replace the trigger group with a Timney trigger. I should have read the comments to my previous post before ordering. I have really liked the several other Timney triggers in various guns and so I just ordered another and dropped it in.


10 thoughts on “Another bad trigger

  1. I’ve used Timney triggers happily in bolt guns for decades but I’m not convinced of the value on their AR triggers.

    I have ARs running two Gisselle, an ALG, and a LaRue currently. Will be interesting to hear your experience.

    • I’ve probably put a few hundred rounds downrange using Timney AR triggers. I like them just fine so far.

    • I am interested in the Larue. It looks like a good value.

      I love their scope mounts but don’t have a lot of experience with their triggers

  2. Check your gas rings also I’ve had doubles when my gas rings were worn or line up

      • letting too much gas by, hammer doesn’t reset and slam fire happens.Ive had it happen on a Vietnam era bolt carrier group with who knows how many hundreds of thousands of rounds thru it

        • Ahh… Sure. I understand now. Thanks.

          I’ll look at the rings. They are pretty old and the gun has had a few thousand rounds through it. And I think I have some spare rings to put in it.

    • I replaced the gas rings. Before and after measurements indicated the old rings were about four or five thousands smaller in diameter.

      I’m not sure that is enough to make the difference but gas rings are cheap and I don’t think they had ever been changed so it was time anyway.

      Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. Most doubles I’ve dealt with are from broken hammer hinge pins. The pins have an oil groove cut in the middle. If they break, it allows the hammer catch to set back just enough miss the paul. And slam -fire. I’m pretty sure that’s what put David Olesen in prison.(two rounds with one pull of the trigger= machinegun).
    I’m kind of a cheap-ass. But I like the POF-USA, triggers. Last I checked you could get one for about $155.00. And they come with a K&S anti-walk pin set. Which is $30.00 itself. The rubber pads milled into the bottom take up any trigger well variations. So when its all together it’s very solid. Every bit of pressure on the trigger goes directly into the sear.
    On top of that, Timney help POF develop their triggers. So it truly is a Timney for tight-asses. I’ve beat the crap out of mine. they work good and have a lifetime warranty.

  4. I had a BTE do that. But it wasn’t the trigger itself. I didn’t tighten the screws down enough and it got loose inside the receiver. Took it out, loctited them in this time and hasn’t had that problem a 2nd time.

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