MSN poll on “assault weapon” bans

At the bottom of this news article is a poll about banning “assault weapons”. After the “assault weapon” question it asks another two or three questions and then gives the results of the poll questions. I would like to suggest you give them your opinion on “Would you support a ban on assault rifles in the United States?”

Currently they report 76% respond “yes” to the question.


26 thoughts on “MSN poll on “assault weapon” bans

  1. 69% now. Going in the right direction, but predictably, with typical MSNBC viewers, it won’t get much lower,in my opinion.

  2. Assault weapons are already illegal……I am sure it is just an oversight on their part.

    Fucking asshats!

    • Their question specifically states “assault RIFLES”, or at least it did when I took the poll.

  3. Unless it was changed, the current question is a ban on assault RIFLES, which as we know are already heavily regulated. So that may skew the pole with even knowledgeable people whom believe in keeping the present regulations

    • I made the error regarding “weapons”/”rifles”. The quoted text at the bottom of my post was copy and pasted from the poll.

      Of course you know the result of the poll will be applied to anything that looks scary, not just true assault rifles.

  4. 67%

    But fundamental rights shouldn’t be decided by popular vote.

    • Agreed, but 67% is a good start toward a Federal law or even a constitutional amendment which might pass muster in the courts to infringe that fundamental right.

    • Of course not. But if 67% of my friends wanted to pull me off the cliff with them they have decent odds of being successful.

      • … and I would suggest a reevaluation of your criteria for who constitutes being a friend, might be in order… 🙂

        • It doesn’t matter. If it were 67% of my enemies they still have decent odds of success. Especially since I’m pretty sure I have more enemies than friends.

  5. down to 66% support, damn that is scary, it does not show the sample size, so no idea how good of a poll it is.

    It might be high enough to pass a new amendment, either removing the 2nd, or possibly modifying it so that it is worthless. That would not be a good thing.

  6. 65% now (4:23 pm PDT on 8/7), out of 22,570 responses (or so it says).

    We could argue that “people who check MSN for gun-related news” isn’t a relevant or accurate sample of America, but then again Internet polls aren’t exactly known for statistical rigor anyway.

    Not that that little fact (“inconvenient truth,” heh!) stops anti-freedom people from citing them in their screeds.

  7. 49% to 49% with 33,400 responses.

    It keeps trending towards no. I’m going to bet they stop the poll shortly, when it becomes clear that if they continue to run it, the results will not be what they want.
    (1630 Eastern Time 2019-08-08)

  8. Would you support a ban on assault rifles in the United States?

    49% Yes
    50% No
    1% No opinion
    Based on 33,848 responses. Snapshot of real-time results.

  9. Just took the poll. No is running at 52% currently. Surprised it is still up.

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