The Hard Truth, Episode 1: Media Bias #WalkAway

Brandon Straka has an excellent video that should be shared with people who think the political left occupies the moral high ground:

Here is his YouTube channel where you can find similar material.


3 thoughts on “The Hard Truth, Episode 1: Media Bias #WalkAway

  1. Excellent! The first step in the search for truth is the realization that you haven’t been seeing it, that the been fed a steady diet of lies.

    BUT, now what? If this leads you to run over to the Republicans for truth you’re going to be sorely disappointed. Candice Owens with her Blexit movement is great, but if it ends at “Trump is the answer” then again, many people are in for years and years of disappointment.

    #Walk would be properly translated as “come out of Babylon!”

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